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Chris Cade and SonIn 2006, Chris was in the midst of serious relationship challenges. Hoping to turn things around, he went to the “spirituality” section of the bookstore and unexpectedly found himself on the rocky road of personal transformation…

Later that year, Chris attended The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Voyage Program where he delved deep into his consciousness and returned with a new clue to follow. One trainer suggested that Chris check out "The Diamond Approach." That’s when the pieces of Chris’ life began to snap into a meaningful mosaic. He reluctantly transformed – moment by moment – into the empowering teacher he is today.

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    Most people make at least one of these mistakes with their affirmations...

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“Speaks His Truth And Lives His Words”

Jaime Mintun

“I’ve worked with most of the major names in self-help and spirituality…

And Chris Cade continues to stand out for me as one of the most authentic, gorgeous, deeply inspiring hearts, minds and souls to grace us on this journey through life and learning.”

Everything I Do Has New Meaning

“Your program has made me realize how little credit I had given myself for my accomplishments and has helped me to discover how truly amazing I am and stop comparing myself to others.

My outlook on life has changed. I wake up looking forward to a new day and everything I do has a new meaning to me.”

–Myrna Cleghorn, USA

“Everything You Say Touches My Heart”

Fay Abrams

“Everything you say touches my heart and is inspirational.

My husband, like you, is a rare male and it seems that more of you are coming forth. We have developed a unique way for coaching couples and I save your emails to share with others. Thank you so much for being who you are.”

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