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The Heartline Affirmation

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 Heartline Affirmation from The Monroe Institute

In my previous message, I promised to share with you an affirmation I use every single day to help me experience more unconditional love in my life. I also shared some of the "lies" I've been working on around love that have prevented me from really experiencing a full heart.

The reality is that we all have "lies" (mostly subconscious) that we tell ourselves that distance us from living happily and with love. I'm still exposing some of mine as I discover them, and I'll be sharing more about that with you soon.
I do this affirmation every single day to help me connect with the energy of love, and more specifically, the love within me that wants to be expressed in the world. I learned it in 2006 from The Monroe Institute, and I am forever grateful.

In fact, each day I have my Calendar email this to me… and when I receive it, I usually pause what I'm doing. I then focus my energy on my heart, turn inwardly, and really recite the mantra within myself silently. This has been a powerful practice for me, and I believe it will be for you also if you take it to heart.

"The Heartline Affirmation"

I am in touch with the source of all life

and I am open to receive all energy from this source.

My purpose is to know and be love.

My intent is to know the fullness of life, the joy of life and the love that I am.

I deeply desire to know, to be, to understand, to experience, and to express the love that I am and the absolute good that I bring forth.

I ask that the light of the source surround me, enfold me, and embrace me.

I ask that the love energy flow through me now.

From this day forward I am better able to be the love that I am and to know that I have no limitations.

For I am this energy – I am love.

And because I am love,

I live each moment of this day in heartfelt gratitude and deep, abiding appreciation for All That Is.

When I say this affirmation to myself, I also hold my hand over my heart to accelerate and amplify its effectiveness. Saying affirmations is one thing, and FEELING them in connection to your heart takes them to a whole new level.

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