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There Is No Single Answer, Just Pieces of the Puzzle

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 There is no single answer to spiritual development

If you’re receiving newsletter from messages from more than one person, then by now you’ve probably heard of “Mind Movies” and you’re likely thinking one of two things:

a) This stuff is awesome! I can’t wait to make my own


b) Would you shut up already about the doggon mind whatever-you-call-ems?


I’m not going to shove some hype-filled BS down your throat about how these Mind Movies are going to instantly change your life and make you win the lottery just because you visualized it. Instead, I’m just going to share a bit of my own experience.

When I was a kid, my Dad shared with me the power of visualization and of positive thinking. He told me if I wanted to accomplish something, I could. All I had to do was set my goal, write down the individual steps to go from start to finish, and give it a go.

And though he never mentioned Napoleon Hill and the quote, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve,” that message was still embedded in my childhood teachings. Rarely can we conceive something without visualizing it in some way – perhaps as words or as feelings (yes you can ‘visualize’ feelings, even if that feels a bit abstract) – perhaps as images.

He also said, “If there’s anything you can’t do, I’ll see what I can do to help you clear that roadblock.”

Sometimes those roadblocks were physical obstacles (like I needed to earn more money than I had time to earn, so he loaned me some), and sometimes they were mental obstacles (like when I wanted to quit martial arts because I couldn’t learn ‘Star Form’). Either way, what followed was a life of great success for me. I accomplished more before I was of voting age than many people accomplish in entire lifetimes. A big part of that is the hidden wisdom within my Dad’s approach.

You see, it wasn’t just about positive thinking, visualization, or goal-setting. Whether he was consciously aware of this or not, I was receiving a message that said “If you truly set your heart on something, and you take action, there is a really really good chance it’s going to happen. And if you can’t do it alone, the Universe will send you help.”

In my life, help comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s an actual person lending a helping hand, sometimes it’s a message within a story from a brand new friend (Hi C.!), and sometimes it’s in the form of a spammy looking email that, for some strange reason, I accidentally opened and found a nugget of timely wisdom in.

Whatever it is, help is always around us if we’re open to it.

I actively draw upon many resources to maximize the opportunities for help in my life. I realize that my mind has been “programmed” since birth. In some cases it was positive programming (like “visualization works” or “you can achieve your goals”) and sometimes it was negative programming (like “There isn’t ‘enough’ in the world”). Whatever it was, I’m beginning to see that I’ve been programmed.

And unless I’m able to live totally 100% in the present moment, I’m continuing to both add new “programs” and re-play old ones.

Because of that awareness, when something helpful comes around, like binaural beats, or Mind Movies, that gives me an opportunity to at least choose the new programs I want to embed within me… I pay attention. Not because I am expecting some sort of rapid transformation and having all my goals be instantly achieved, but rather, because of something deeper… something more meaningful.

For me it’s this sense that every little piece of the puzzle is contributing to my overall unfoldment. It’s not that watching a Mind Movie every day is a single answer. It’s that when I integrate creating my own Mind Movie along with other spiritual practices, along with binaural beats meditations, with concentration meditations, and along with playing with my son (a delightful spiritual practice), and whatever other spiritual experiences unfold for me, what I find is that each piece contributes a little more towards the life I truly want to live.

So when you’re receiving tons of emails all about the same promotion, such as the bazillions of emails about Mind Movies right now, just pause for a moment and ask yourself, “Is this something that might be a piece of MY personal transformation puzzle?” If so, then check it out.

You never know in what ways the Universe is sending you help.

So if you want to learn a bit more about the process of making your own Mind Movies, then be sure to click here and check it out.

P.S. Just to share a bit of advance information… 🙂 Next week I’ve got my own ‘Inscribe Your Life’ program coming out – and one of the program components *is* a mind movie that I personally made and customized based on the content of my program. I do believe in the approach and the technology, I just view it as a piece of an overall spiritual development strategy rather than a panacea.

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