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“I feel like a failure” – A Successful Dentist’s True Story

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Today I have a story for you…

  Feeling like a failure

For decades, a highly successful dentist lived in what seemed to be a paradoxical way. You see, despite all of his success as a dentist, he was an extreme introvert and lacked confidence. This man felt like he lacked a “reason to live.”

Not only that, he was discouraged with being a dentist, and he was totally unaware of his most important values, passions, gifts, and life-purpose.

In other words, this highly successful dentist felt like a total failure…

And he wanted to do something about it. He realized that he had the choice either to remain a victim and continue feeling sorry for himself –or– he could take responsibility for his life. He decided to hire a life coach and immerse himself in the process of personal development.

During the decade that followed, he discovered talents for writing, teaching, and coaching, that he never realized he had. And contrary to the previous 34 years of feeling like a failure, he declared a renewed life purpose:

“To be an inspiration to himself and others.”

That was decades ago…

Now, Dr. Joe Rubino is the CEO of The Center for Personal Reinvention and has a renewed mission…

“To raise the self-esteem of 20 million people”

  Dr. Joe Rubino from the Center for Personal Reinvention

Yes, that’s right – little feeling-sorry-for-himself dentist Joe went from thinking of himself as a total failure to becoming one of the world’s leading experts on the topic of self-esteem.

Dr. Joe Rubino is now a best selling author of 9 books (including a children’s book that is being made into a movie!) and 2 audio sets, an acclaimed speaker, course leader, and just an all around great guy. 🙂

Joe has been so kind and supportive to me since we’ve known one another, and today I’m grateful to “pay it forward” (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about) and support him in his mission to reach 20 million people.

Today I share with you his complimentary audio “7 Steps to Soaring Self Esteem.”

Click here to download it

And did you know that most of us have some form of self-esteem challenge?

(actually, rumor has it roughly 85% of all people do)

In many cases, it can be so subtle we’re not even consciously aware of it. Frankly speaking, no matter how much success I have, no matter how much confidence and self-esteem I know I have, this is one area I regularly discover some new way in which I silently and unconsciously sabotage myself.

The thing is, when it comes to personal development, I believe that nothing is more important than having a solid foundation of self-esteem. The reason is because our self-esteem gives us a foundation, it gives us the courage to explore ourselves and the world we live in.

Without self-esteem, we will consciously (or unconsciously) run into some of these challenges

  • Think of ourselves as a failure
  • Feel frustrated or angry more often than we want to be
  • Experience nervousness or shyness
  • Make decisions that aren’t for our highest good
  • Lack a feeling of fulfillment in our lives
  • Or notice that sometimes we are indecisive

As you can see, not all self-esteem issues are the big “I feel like a failure” kind. Some of them are quiet self-saboteurs… kind of like a small ache we forget is there because we “get used to it.” Unfortunately, all of them sabotage our best efforts at empowering ourselves.

If you haven’t already listened to Joe’s free audio, then click the link below now to get it:

“7 Steps to Soaring Self Esteem”

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