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The Secret to Being Unstoppable – Free Guy Finley Audios

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Guy Finley - The Secrets of Being Unstoppable

I’ve been a huge fan of Guy Finley’s work for a couple of years now, and so finally a few months ago, I went down to his Life of Learning Foundation spiritual school. I met with his students, team, and also met Guy. While there, I felt a great sense of joy, harmony, and abundance of presence and authenticity… and I wanted to share it with others.

So I asked some of Guy’s team if they’d be willing to work with me, personally, to GIVE you some of his exclusive "Secrets of Being Unstoppable" album. The two audio clips (about 15 mins each) below have been hand-selected by me because I really enjoy them greatly, and I believe you will too.

==> Click here to listen to both excerpts

The first one shares a few spiritual stories and some key lessons. By now it’s no mystery I love to read, write, and share spiritual stories, so today you get to listen to 3 of my favorites from Guy. 🙂 In the second audio clip, Guy shares about what SUCCESS really is, and what we can do to achieve it.

It is my personal opinion that these clips, alone, are well worth the cost of Guy’s entire "Secrets of Being Unstoppable" program. Just so you have a point of reference, the clips I picked out are about 30 minutes (a half CD), and the full "Unstoppable" program is 16 CDs (so about 32 times more content than what I’m sharing with you).

I hope you enjoy these clips, as much as I have!

The Secrets of Being Unstoppable

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