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Energy Management Tips for People Who Are Overstressed Or Tired

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Special thanks to Kevin Schoeninger of Energy Meditation Secret for this guest post!

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Our culture is in overdrive and it’s a challenge not to get run over. If we feel that we are in charge at the wheel, it’s a challenge to keep the energy balance in our favor. We need to be sure that energy boosters outweigh energy drainers and that the sheer quantity of what we take on stays in check.

This blog post is about keeping your energy balance in the positive. First, we’ll remind ourselves about well-known energy boosters and energy drainers, then we’ll talk about how boosters can become drainers. Finally, we’ll talk about energy management–how to be masters of our energy rather than victims of circumstance.

What are energy boosters?

Energy boosters are actions that create an overall positive energy balance. In other words, after we perform energy boosting activities we have more energy. Some obvious energy boosters are:

  • Eating healthy foods and supplements (especially lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • Drinking sufficient water to stay hydrated (on average 64 fluid ounces per day depending upon body weight)
  • Getting sufficient sleep (for most people 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 hours are required on a regular basis)
  • Moderate exercise (aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching in varying combinations depending on your goals, 3-7 times per week)
  • Meditation (15-30 minutes a day reduces tension holding patterns, increases circulation and oxygen uptake, and increases positive brain chemistry, among many other benefits)
  • Doing what we love ( when we participate in activities we enjoy, we increase our enthusiasm and energy level)

What are energy drainers?

Energy drainers consume more energy than they provide. We feel more tired when we do these things consistently or over a long period of time. Some common energy drainers are:

  • Eating excess sugars and starchy carbohydrates (excess sugars and carbs put us on an energy rollercoaster)
  • Drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages (these lead to de-hydration)
  • Smoking (reduces oxygen uptake, among other negative effects)
  • Insufficient sleep (our body needs sleep for physical, emotional, and mental recovery)
  • Being sedentary (the body is made to move and requires physical activity for oxygen and nutrient delivery, toxin removal, and to function properly)
  • Overworking (non-stop and excessive activity leads to stress and adrenal exhaustion)
  • Doing activities because we feel forced to, not because we enjoy them.

How boosters become drainers

When we do anything in excess, it can become a drainer instead of a booster. If we overexercise, overeat, oversleep, or overdo activity without breaks or rest, these activities can exhaust us rather than energize us. The key then is to become a master of managing our energy.

Energy management begins when we acknowledge that we are in charge of our lives. We shift from viewing ourselves as victims of the circumstances that surround us to seeing ourselves as active participants in the creation of our lives. We are largely responsible for our life circumstances and we can create a positive energy balance by the choices we make. We need to prioritize. Only allow things on your schedule that are trully of value to you and the care of those around you. Reduce or eliminate anything that is not a priority or an energy booster.

The key to avoiding overstress and fatigue is to become the master of your energy, rather than the victim of circumstances.

Take a look at your day and your weeks in terms of energy balance. Are you including some or all of the energy boosters listed above? Are you limiting your energy drainers? Are you conscious of taking appropriate breaks? Is there anything that is not a priority in your life that you are giving too much energy too? Are you passively accepting negative circumstances, rather than actively creating what you want?

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