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Amazing Bob Proctor Bonus: Recordings of His $18,000 Workshop

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 Six Minutes to Success

I have something very cool to share with you…

Because Six Minutes to Success has been doing so remarkably well, Bob was inspired to deliver over and above anything he’s ever done before. 🙂

Anyone who is an existing member or becomes a member of Six Minutes to Success this week will receive one of his most sough-after LIVE audio recordings. This bootleg style recording will give you a birds eye view of what it’s like to go to his $18,000 seminar.


In the last few years, people have cheerfully paid $18,000 to be at the Matrixx… But, Bob is making you an amazing, one-time offer:

When you become a Six Minutes to Success Member, he will GIVE you the audio recording of the Matrixx. It is his most Elite, expensive seminar to date, packed with strategic blueprints for building wealth. Yours at no charge when you sign up for Six Minutes.

Click Here for your $1 Trial for 30 Days

The Bob Proctor Matrixx is a complete wealth-building program based on a potent formula called “C3: Consciousness, Creativity and Connections”. Bob says that you’ll be able to learn…
  • How to use the laws of prosperity to your advantage
  • How you can accomplish so much more, at a significantly higher level of effectiveness
  • How to overcome the fear and self-doubt that deflate dreams and ambush goals

Every aspect of The Matixx is precisely designed to help you develop a more penetrating conscious awareness of what’s critical for you to have unstoppable success. 🙂

…and you’re going to get the full power of The Matrixx without travel to the seminar (or paying the $18,000 price tag that previous attendees had to pay)

This recording of the Matrixx alone is worth the entire -annual- Six Minutes membership investment… and Bob will GIVE it to you with your Six Minutes to Success membership.

Note: If you’ve already joined, you’ll also be getting the Matrixx audio recording as well! Look for it soon, in the Bonus Section of your membership site 🙂

There is a space between ordinary thoughts...

It's still point not tainted by self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging habits. It's a place where pure possibility and potential exist.You can enter this space at any time, no matter where you are or what your current circumstances.

Simply follow the guidance you will receive during Healing With the Masters. This is a *FREE* online event that helps you access pure possibility. It also includes several inspirational videos and healing audios (also free). 

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