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Spiritual Book Review: Heaven, by Kimberly Cain

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 Heaven: The Spiritual Novel by Kimberly Cain

A few weeks ago, I received a notice from the Post Office indicating that there was a package waiting for me, and postage was due.

This on its own was strange because I didn’t understand how somebody could send me something successfully that I’d still have to pay for (it wasn’t COD). Even more strange was the name of the company; it just said, “Heaven.”

I curiously wondered…

“God, are you messing with me? Seriously… who sends a postage due package from Heaven? :)”

After going to the post office, I realized what had happened. Because I’d moved and my mail was forwarding, this book called “Heaven” had been mailed to me by its author Kimberly Cain, but before I could have Heaven I was required to pay the the postage due to cover the extra forwarding.

This book is definitely the most unique spiritual book I’ve ever read, if for nothing else, because of the nature of the story and the unorthodox way it tackles difficult spiritual topics. I am concerned that the people who most need to read this book won’t. I also feel that the people who least need to read this book will find it entertaining, and maybe even pick up a few new insights (or at least some leads to follow)… so that’s definitely a good thing.

So what is Heaven all about?

It’s a book about spirituality and God through the eyes and experience of an exotic dancer. It’s about exploring Truth in its many forms and contexts. It’s about tackling difficult elements of our own spiritual development in potentially uncomfortable, revealing, and rewarding ways.

I particularly enjoyed how Heaven explores our common life experiences such as judgment and compassion, our inner drives and how they sometimes lead us into situations that conflict with our values, and a topic that is near and dear to my heart, how our own sense of self-worth can either set us free or lock us into a prison of our own making.

Those are just a few topics, and the way it explores them is interesting and unique because of the context… because it’s through the eyes of a “spiritual stripper.” I also really appreciated the weaving in of synchronicity and interconnection into the story, which gives it both a sense of mystery and familiarity.

That said, I do have some caveats you may want to consider before picking up Heaven

If you are offended by topics of sexuality, the use of profane language, discussion of drugs/alcohol use (or abuse), or might be resistant to honestly and intelligently exploring your own religious or spiritual faith in a way that brings you closer to God, then I highly recommend you read Heaven (and you can expect to feel uncomfortable in ways that help you grow as a person and closer to God).

If you’re not offended by those things, you’ll discover a fun and very different novel with a lot of heart and a wonderful exploration of Truth.

Click Here And Purchase ‘Heaven’ Directly From Kimberly Cain’s Website

.By the way, it also comes with a free music CD… and my favorite song on the CD is called “Truth” – somehow I figure you’re NOT suprised. 🙂

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