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Complimentary Mind Power Gifts (Digital Books and Brainwave Entrainment Audio)

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Free Spiritual Gifts

My friend Cyndi from Evolution Ezine just sent me info about sharing several free mind power gifts with you. 🙂 In case you’re in a rush, just click the link below and visit her website:

Click Here And Get Your Complimentary Mind Power Gifts

Here’s just a few of the gifts she’s giving away…

  Download Mind Surge

Download this

Download this

Mind Surge: The Consciousness Revolution – Digital Book

22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration – Digital Book

The Garden of Enlightenment – Brainwave Entrainment Audio MP3

Basically what it’s all about is that for nearly 10 years, a small privately funded team carried out research into advanced mind power. All of their discoveries were classified as ‘leading edge’ knowledge, with a few in the ‘world first’ category.

They discovered how to attract luck, how to cure their mind and body while sleeping by pre-programming their dreams, how to attract new partners with their minds… and other really fascinating stuff like:

  • What force is required change your psychic reality into a physical reality
  • Plus the complete Dream programming technique revealed for free for the very first time – how to cure your mind and body while sleeping
  • How you can heal people across the world with the power of your mind in Remote Influencing (comes with a remote influencing exercise you can try)
  • How matter and anti matter create our physical world
  • An E-Prime exercise to improve your mental wiring
  • What the dream world is made of, and how it is possible to have shared dreams

All in all, Cyndi and her friends are giving away gifts worth over $100… and they’ll be giving away more videos and complimentary mind power lessons and trainings over the next several weeks.

Click Here And Get Your Complimentary Mind Power Gifts

I hope you enjoy the gifts, and that you have a wonderful day! 🙂

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