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  Song Chengxiang Core Solution Report

Today’s blog post is super-short. :)

Partly because I’ve got a LOT on my plate that I’ve been juggling… tons of wonderful creative stuff I’m working on (more on that later), AND, because I feel wrecked. I’m recovering from either exhaustion and/or some form of food poisoning. It’s been a challenging and wonderful week, and I am looking forward to continuing my recovery back to full health.

Anyway, earlier this week, Song Chengxiang released his “Core Solution Report.” In a nutshell, he points out that all of the “lack” we feel in our lives (lack of happy relationships, lack of financial abundance, lack of anything) stems from us trying to fix and suppress the symptoms in our life, instead of the CORE problem.

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What I really like about his approach is that he tackles the topic from both the conscious and subconscious minds (just like I do with Inscribe Your Life®). I find that few people creating programs really understand the importance of working with BOTH the conscious and subconscious, so I’m always pleased when I get to share with you great resources from people who have insightful information AND use multiple modalities.

Over the next several weeks, Song will be continuing to give more and more away… including a live teleseminar and a brainwave entrainment audio.

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