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Free Quantum Confidence 20 Minute MP3 Audio Meditation

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 Quantum Confidence Sample

So last year my friend Song released his Quantum Confidence program with great acclaim, and then he pulled it off the market to evaluate exactly how effectively it was working with his customers. He has tested his technology thoroughly, including a scientific study done by the Brazilian armed forces that statistically showed his program helped with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Well, he’s going to be releasing his program again soon for a very limited time, and to introduce people to his work he’s letting me give you a COMPLIMENTARY 20 minute MP3 audio sample recording from his program.

Click Here To Download Your Quantum Confidence MP3 Audio

When I first started listening to it several months ago (the first time he released it), to be honest I was feeling skeptical. All I heard was some strange sounds, and no talking. I was thinking, "Uh, where’s the guy telling me how to increase my confidence?"

It turns out that, although the full Quantum Confidence program does have some carefully designed audios that include words (including guided meditations), the words aren’t required to get the benefits of the sample audio.

(Side note: I’ve since acquired my own full copy of the program)

That’s because the program (and his sample) uses brainwave entrainment technologies specifically designed to bring your brainwaves into alignment with each other (left and right hemispheres). Each time I’ve listened to it, I immediately feel calmer and more centered.

I hope you enjoy the sample, too!

Click Here To Download Your Quantum Confidence MP3 Audio

A Note About Brainwave Entrainment

I want to share a few cautions about brainwave entrainment. It is very powerful and effective, and as they say in Spiderman “Along with great power comes great responsibility.”

Under no circumstances should you drive a car or operate potentially dangerous machinery/equipment while listening to brainwave entrainment technologies. Additionally, if you are prone to epileptic type events, pregnant, wearing a pacemaker, prone to seizures, or under the influence of medication or drugs, then first consult a physician before listening.

Though you may experience immediate benefits from listening to brainwave entrainment, each person is different and you may need to listen to brainwave entrainment audios several times before experiencing the full benefits. It is very important to remember that whether you initially notice “effects” or not, it is indeed having an effect. It’s just like exercise – you wouldn’t expect to see changes in your body after the first few times working out either.

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