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Do You Want More Love?

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“If you want more love, why don’t you say so?” – John Mayer

Love is an interesting thing… no matter how much we give or receive it, most of us want MORE of it than we have in our lives, myself included. See, most people describe me as very loving, kind, generous, and grateful. Many people experience me as an expression of love in physical form.

Yet I still want to experience more love. Chances are you do also, but the signs aren’t always obvious…

For example, I recently shared with you my new commitment to working out. The reasons I shared with you for that were all legitimate and real, yet still somewhat on the surface. At the root of that commitment is a desire to express my love for myself and others more completely and more vibrantly! Self-care is just one of many forms of love.

In fact, when you look at the majority of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions in the world you will notice that underneath all of them is, somewhere, somehow, a well-intentioned desire to experience more love in your life.

(regardless of whether that’s to love yourself or others more)

All of the greatest spiritual masters have talked about the importance of love, and some go as far as to say love is the ONLY thing that truly matters in this world. And with all of that in mind, the quote above from John Mayer asks an important question:

If you really want more love in your life… what’s stopping you?

Most of us don’t love ourselves enough to feel worthy of actually ASKING for more love (regardless of whether we’re asking ourselves for self-care or asking others to express love more authentically, frequently, or differently).

It doesn’t have to be that way though… 🙂

When you love yourself unconditionally, from the inside-out, and for no reason at all… that’s when your life TRULY shifts. I’ve already been making this shift progressively, and it seems that with each little positive shift I make in that direction my experience of love multiplies.

In fact, there is current scientific research, ancient wisdom, proven techniques, and real-world experience that supports what I’ve already been experiencing… and Marci Shimoff has brought it all together in her brand new book called “Love For No Reason: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love.”

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  love for no reason

In addition to all of her research and life experience, Marci interviewed 150 “Love Luminaries” to create a holistic (and simple) program that helps you to live in a profound state of unconditional love every day of your life… the kind of love I’ve been experiencing more frequently and more deeply… it’s the kind of love that wells up from deep within and doesn’t depend on another person, situation, or romantic partner for you to be in “love” with your life.

I’ve got a copy of the book headed to me in the mail, and I’m really looking forward to reading it. I figure with as much as I’ve learned on this topic, and as much love as I feel and express in the world, Marci’s insights will help me go much deeper… into this topic… and more importantly, into myself.

And since I’m launching my next product this coming May, I’m also hoping to learn a few things that I can integrate into my own products and body of work! 🙂

Marci’s book isn’t for everybody though, so here’s a few questions from her personally to help you decide whether or not it might be helpful for you:

  • “Have you ever had a grand fantasy about ultimate love that you’ve given up on?

  • Do you long to feel less burdened by worry, stress, or struggle and to experience the ecstasy of an open heart?
  • Have there been times you’ve buried your pain in workaholism, over-eating, or over-spending?
  • Do you feel disappointed that something is missing in your experience of love?
  • What if the deeper love you are aching for really IS possible?
  • How amazing would it be if you could do something RIGHT NOW to invite that into your life…?”

If any of those questions touch a place inside you, then now is the time to check out Marci’s newest book and discover new ways you can integrate love into your life… to be able to give, receive, and ultimately experience more love and an abundance of blessings in your life.

Click Here Now And Get “Love For No Reason”

One important topic Marci tackles is how to open your heart fully and experience deep love from the inside, even during challenges. This is especially relevant with so many major and difficult changes going on in our world.

In fact, if it weren’t for me having that kind of “love fortitude” in my own life, I wouldn’t have been able to so easily pick up and move again. Yes, that’s right… I did move to Texas, and now I’m living in California. That means I’ve now lived in 4 states in 7 months (Washington, then Oregon, Texas, and now California).

Sure my life has been a bit crazy, but at the heart of it has been about LOVE… and specifically, a love for my four year old son. Ever since my divorce at the end of 2009 (after being laid off from my job, and after foreclosing on my home and watching my financial life spiral downward, there’s been a lot of challenges I’ve tried to juggle.

Yet at the center of it has been a love for my son to be with him and support him during these changes… and secondly, a love for myself to be with myself, to continue transforming my life, and to continue supporting myself during this time.

So yes, when Marci talks about unconditional love being a way to cope with major changes, I say “YES” I get it. 🙂

I also want to learn more about this from her perspective… since different approaches resonate with different people.

What I’ve learned to do is to experience more fulfilling relationships with myself and others (I even get along WAY better with my son’s mother than I ever did while we were dating or married… we are good friends now, and I am grateful for her even though we aren’t in a romantic “love” relationship).

Also, more and more frequently I’ve learned how to ‘switch’ my mindset from stress and anxiety into love. Sometimes it’s as simple as me asking myself, “What would love do?” and other times it is a little more difficult for me. 🙂

Those are both topics Marci tackles in her book, and I’m also looking forward to seeing how she can help me deepen those understandings more and integrate them into my life.

What Marci is teaching in her book is really about “True” Love. It’s what our hearts want most deeply, and really it’s what our world needs… to come together and find real, lasting solutions to the problems that separate us from one another (and ultimately from ourselves).

Here’s a personal secret I don’t think I’ve ever actually told ANYBODY…

As you may know from some of my previous emails or videos, when I was a youth the one thing I wanted more desperately than anything else was to be LOVED. I just wanted a woman to love me.

And in my teens and 20’s, every single night when I saw the stars I would pray to God:

“Star Light, Star Bright… First Star I See Tonight. Wish I May, Wish I Might, Have This Wish I Wish Tonight.

I wish to experience TRUE LOVE forever and ever.”

Sure, at the time I thought I was talking about romantic love… that’s where my mind wanted to fill a deficiency so that I could feel “complete.”

Yet in hindsight, I see now that my HEART and the UNIVERSE were collaborating on my behalf. They heard my wish, they worked together, and now I do experience true love more in my life than ever before… because it comes from inside me and is not conditional ~ the world doesn’t determine my happiness, I DO.

(and it only keeps getting better)

If this kind of experience and expression of love resonates with you, if it’s something you’d also like to experience more of in your life, then definitely join me in reading Marci’s new book.

Click Here Now And Buy “Love For No Reason”

In case you’re not familiar with Marci yet, she’s the New York Times best-selling author of “Happy For No Reason” as well as co-author of SIX books in the phenomenally popular Chicken Soup For The Soul series. Her books have sold more than 14 million copies worldwide in 31 languages… and she’s also one of the featured teachers in the movie “The Secret.”

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