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Recently, my friend and colleague Rich German interviewed me for his new series, "The Turning Point," and he asked one simple yet profound question:

"When in your life have you dealt with great adversity, and what did you do to turn it around?"

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Sometimes it can be easy to think that success is something that "just happens" to other people.

We often see people in the later stages of their career talking about what it takes to be successful; yet we rarely have insight into how they got there. Subconsciously we internalize their success as something that " just happens" because we didn't see the entire process of their growth…

We didn't see them overcome any major obstacles.

They seem so confident, we rarely hear them talk about doubts and fears.

"The Turning Point" is an opportunity to get into the minds and hearts of 15 people — people like Janet Attwood, myself, Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle, Arielle Ford, and 10 others…

All answering one simple yet profound question about how we overcame great challenges to become the people we are today.

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I lead off the interview by sharing with you my early days of martial arts competition and how I went from a total unknown rookie to a Champion athlete in just 1 year.

And then later in the interview, I talk about my big leap out of the corporate world and into the path of spiritual entrepreneurship. I share the fear and confidence issues that I was forced to deal with, as well as how I transformed them into empowerment.

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