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Change Your Life Fast Using the Symphony Approach

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

SymphonyWhat is it that enables some people to create change fast, while other people experience it more slowly… or really not at all? How is that possible? What is needed?

Of course, “quick” is relative. Most people want overnight change. Short of a near-death experience or some other highly charged transformative experience, significant lasting change rarely happens overnight. In fact, most people are fortunate to make even a single reasonable habit change in a year – whether it’s changing their diet, exercising more (or at all), meditating regularly, or actively dating.

Our brains and bodies aren’t wired for fast change. They are however designed as vehicles for evolution. When I talk about how to transform our lives quickly, I’m really exploring how we can accelerate the speed of our evolution.

By looking at fast transformation through the perspective of evolution, it’s easier to see that systematic and progressive steps are the keys to creating change in our lives. When specific systematic and progressive steps are linked together, they create a symphony and the results mirror the old adage “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Instead of a particular voice or instrument trying to overpower the symphony so that it can be heard and highlighted, all of the pieces work together in concert to create faster change than normal. In this case, fast change is in comparison to how our lives progress relatively slowly when we are using just one or two strategies (or none at all). Or fast being as compared to how our lives never progress meaningfully at all when we don’t recognize the value of the gifts being offered to us each and every day.

Symphonic change is not just one systematic change or even several changes. It’s a coordinated orchestrated effort of multiple synergistic changes synchronizing together. The result is truly profound.

Instead of having lots of “big” changes in your life, you have frequent systematic and small ones. You experience mini-breakthroughs, each building upon all of the previous breakthroughs. Then they roll down the metaphorical hill, gathering moss, and together they create a compound effect of massive and rapid change. In some cases, even exponential change as they multiply with one another.

These changes coordinate your inner and outer lives -your orchestra- in such a way that you can be open and receptive to the right opportunities for fast change when they’re presented to you.

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