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As you know, a lot of popular Law of Attraction teachers focus a lot on what you can get. And as you know, while I'm all for "getting" more "stuff," I really believe the most important "stuff" we can "get" is to experience our True Nature more fully.

That's why in all the challenges I'm going through right now, I'm not really focusing on the "outer stuff" that I don't feel I can get or have. Those external desires are just mirrors for what I truly want, which is to develop myself for fully… to become a more integrated human being… to live abundantly from the inside-out.
The way I see it is this:

The QUALITIES we want to live with (like Strength, Courage, and Willpower) ~ are something we can develop, and therefore have access to and bring with us into every single moment of every single day.

Meanwhile, the STUFF we want to live with (money, houses, cars, etc) ~ are something we can acquire, and therefore, can also lose. If our happiness is depending on what we manifest, we're setting ourselves up for a life of pain.

So I always advocate first manifesting qualities and experiences before going for the stuff.

With that in mind, I recently connected with somebody who is helping bridge the gap between enlightenment and manifestation.  His name is Jafree Ozwald, and his approach to manifesting is similar in many ways to mine. He focuses first on doing the inner work and WHO we have to be before focusing on what we can get.

He's also giving away what he calls his "Enlightenment Support System" that you can download from his site. In it, he gives you:

(1) A Manifesting Meditation MP3 audio
(2) The 1st chapter of his "Manifesting Manual"
(3) 30 Days of Enlightening Messages

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Candidly speaking, my favorite is actually the enlightening messages. Jafree and I share the same basic disposition: Always deliver great content first. Then, if people want to take the next step and make a purchase they can. But always always always, I seek to first enrich peoples' lives and make a difference.

The fact that his messages are a wealth of knowledge is testament to that. If you're curious what you can expect after you sign up for your "Enlightenment Support System," the passage below is a brief yet typical example.

"Anytime you are looking outside yourself for the answers to your problems or things that you want to manifest in your life, you are looking in the wrong direction.  Sure, there is a Universe "out there" yet the way to master it is by first discovering how to explore the one "in here".

When you first start looking within yourself you may not find anything there for many moons to come. This is a test, and to be expected. For those who are truly on the spiritual path you will soon discover  the most amazing loving gentle sweet energy within you. It is from this place that all the answers flood in. Yes!

The secrets to mastering this Universe can only be found by those who are willing to look within. You do not have to go far at all to find what your soul is looking for.  Everything is already set up in such an absolutely perfect and divine way.

Rest, relax and you will soon be embracing the infinite being you already are."

– Jafree Ozwald, Enlightenment Support System

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