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“My Precious”

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Precious PerennialsIn my last blog post (“The Death of My Butterfly“), hopefully you took a moment to read the last couple of lines. It wasn’t some “by the way” comment, but rather, a carefully planted seed with the potential for profoundly deep insight.

The question it asks is this:

What if “my” was not an indicator of possession, but rather, an indicator of preciousness?

Let me explain…

(and no, I’m not talking about a “Lord of the Rings” kind of “My Precious” hehe…)

We use the word “my” to clarify what we own. Functionally, this is quite useful. When we know “my” car or “my” home, that gives us a sense of certainty about things. We know we have transporation and a roof over our heads. We also have some sense of safety that anything with “my” attached to it won’t be taken from us (or if it is, then law enforcement will help recover it).

However, the challenge is that we also use it to indicate just about everything else as a source of possession as well. “My” feelings, “my” child, “my” money, “my” body, “my” friends, and so on. In many of these examples, “my” has such a strong emotional component that we can sometimes forget about the heartFULLness available to us in each moment.
Not to say this is inherently bad to use “my” with everything. Only to say that when we use the word “my” it really has a strong egocentric emphasis. It reinforces separateness. And separation is the means by which we reject the present moment and find all our pain, anguish, and suffering.

This isn’t conscious. We don’t realize we’re suffering half the time when we use the word “my.” And to further complicate things, it’s not like everytime we use the word “my” it is all about that separateness and sense of possession.

To be clear: I’m not suggesting we stop saying “my” or remove it from our vocabulary. In the grand scheme of things, that would probably cause a lot of unnecessary problems in our society. What I am suggesting is that we can change the “story” around “my.” We can change how we feel about it. We have an opportunity for a new perspective.

What if “my” included a heartfelt sense of preciousness?
Don’t take my word for it. Don’t even think about it. Try this instead…

For the next few days, every time you use the word “my,” tune into your heart. Wonder what it would be like if “my” were signaling to you something to appreciate and cherish.
For example, “my” car. Regardless of whether your car is very very nice, or beaten up and barely working, it serves a purpose. It supports your transportation to and from places. Isn’t that something to be grateful for?

Or maybe you don’t have a car. Instead you’ve got shoes. Or a home. Or a child. Or money. Or air to breath. Or water to drink.

“My glass of water” takes on an entirely new meaning when you sense into the preciousness and gratitude for the life which that water brings you.
This is all easier said than done. And candidly speaking, I don’t have this insight fully worked out in words. I can feel it. I know it. I understand it. I’m practicing it. And I can’t yet fully articulate it.

My wish is that in sharing this with you, you’ll experiment in your own life. See what’s true for you. Come to your own conclusions and insights.
No, wait, let me rephrase that…
“My” wish is that while you are experimenting with this, you’ll be curious and wonder “How is *my* heart being impacted by this? How does this affect *my* life and experience?”
I wish you well. 🙂

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