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Your Question of the Day

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Question of the DayToday I'd like to share with you some of the things I love about one of my favorite local restaurants that serves local, organic, vegan food… that actually tastes good. 🙂

It's called "Cafe Gratitude."

(Note: This email is NOT about Cafe Gratitude, no matter how much it appears to be, and no matter how awesome of a name that restaurant has…)

First of all, the entire menu is named creatively. Their "BLT" for example, is named "I am Extraordinary." The chocolate shake I always get is named, "I am eternally blissful."
Secondly, when your food is brought to the table, the names are spoken back to you. For example, when I receive my order it goes something like this:

"You are eternally blissful. You are extraordinary."

It sounds kind nice coming from another person. 🙂

Third, after you're done eating (assuming you've finished your whole meal), you'll see on the plate a simple question:

"What are you grateful for today?"

Since the food is tasty, usually the first thing that comes to mind is GOOD FOOD… in my belly. 🙂

The last thing I love about the restaurant that I'd like to share with you today is this…

The servers always ask a "Question of the Day" for further reflection. Sometimes the questions are relatively simple, other times it's a bit deeper and more difficult. No matter what it is, I always enjoy the experience there.
It has me wondering…

What if we applied just a few of these experiences to our daily lives?
How cool would it be if, every time you finished a meal, there was a message asking what you're grateful for?

Or what if our daily interactions with people included regular extraordinary compliments and acts of "seeing" one another?
With that in mind, here's a question of the day that they once asked me. Now I pass it on to you:

"What would you most like to be acknowledged for?"

Think about it. Feel it out. See what you discover.

Whatever your answer is to that question…

Go out and acknowledge -somebody else- for that! See what happens. :)<

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