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Attracting Abundance To You

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Free Spiritual Gifts

Money MagnetEvery expert had a teacher first. It seems obvious when you say it, but most people never put two and two together. The fact is, every expert had to have a teacher or influence. The most successful people often have many mentors in their lives.

But like all students, sometimes the students don't "get" everything the teacher was trying to teach. Sometimes the student tries to become a teacher too soon.

It's not their fault, they're truly excited to share what they've learned. In fact, sharing knowledge and teaching others is an extremely powerful way to truly understand the inner workings of something.

However, the way some people do it is not always for the best. Many times some key ideas are missed. Ideas and understanding that can only be attained from years of practice and experience. I'm reminded of one of my favorite childhood movies, "The Karate Kid." (the original 80's version)

Daniel, excited about his new karate "skills" decides to put them to the test. Well, as the saying goes, he knew just enough to get himself into trouble. And Mr. Miyagi has to come to the rescue.

Learning from a "Daniel" is fine if you're at the beginning of your path. He's a step ahead. However, once you move past the beginning stages of learning about something, the Mr. Miyagi's are the ones who make the difference in your life between "good" and "great."

One such Mr. Miyagi is sharing his perspectives on the Law of Attraction and "The Secret" — and he is one of those teacher's teachers.

(Rhonda Byrne thanks him at the beginning of her book, "The Secret")

His name is Dr. Robert Anthony, and today I'm grateful to share with you his complimentary ebook "How To Become A Money Magnet."

Download Your Free Copy Now

I appreciate that Dr. Anthony's work is not over-hyped. It's very grounded, down-to-earth, and what he shares makes sense… especially to me since I am constantly testing everything to make sure it is reasonable AND effective.

Right after you sign up, Dr. Anthony will send the ebook to your email address. It's 13 chapters, and here's what he covers:

  • Introduction: The Natural Abundance of the Universe
  • Chapter 1: "Rich" is Your Natural State
  • Chapter 2: Money and Greed are NOT the Same Thing
  • Chapter 3: Why Some People Are Rich And Others Aren't
  • Chapter 4: Collapsing Your Money Dysfunction
  • Chapter 5: Learn to Agree With Abundance
  • Chapter 6: Money Is A Symbol
  • Chapter 7: How to Create Your Own Wealth
  • Chapter 8: What Problem Can You Solve?
  • Chapter 9: The Key To Lasting Wealth
  • Chapter 10: A Third Party Solution Is Still A Solution
  • Chapter 11: Inventory Time
  • Conclusion: Be A Money Magnet Now!

While you're waiting for your download link in the email, Dr. Anthony will also share with you more about his comprehensive "Secret of Deliberate Creation" program.

I'll share more about that in my next blog post. In the meantime, grab your free "How to Become A Money Magnet" book and give it a read.

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