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Future Visioning Meditation

(Free Meditation) En-Visioning Your Ideal Future… Now

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Future Visioning MeditationOne of the most overlooked aspects of personal transformation is using the future to positively impact our present moment experience. Which interestingly enough, circles back to improve our future. 🙂

I use a future-based exercise in one of my Liberate Your Life lessons to help people forgive themselves, heal their pain, and model a positive future outcome. Program participants LOVE it. The thing is, that's just one way to leverage the power of the future to improve the quality of your present.

Spending a little bit of time in the future can also be used for manifestation. 🙂

And since you know I'm all about trying different approaches to manifesting, I'm grateful to share this manifesting meditation technique with you.

It's called "Future Visioning," and my colleague Matt Clarkson (whose work I *highly* recommend) has created an online video where you can try it out for free:

Listen To Your Free "Future Visioning" Meditation

It's a very simple meditation.

While I recognize that my personal bias on manifestation is towards experiencing the "inner" qualities of being human, I also value the material aspects of life. There's no reason why any of us should have to sacrifice our happiness for abundance, nor our abundance for happiness.

I prefer an "and" approach to manifesting…

So if there's something in the outer world you'd like to manifest, whether it's more financial abundance or an extraordinary relationship (both are on my list right now), check out Matt's "Future Visioning" meditation.

It's relaxing and enjoyable, and it'll give you an interesting way to "look" at your future. 🙂

Start En-Visioning Your Future Abundance Now

Just follow along and Matt will guide you to make your manifestation desire clear and enjoyable for you. Then he'll help you plant it into your subconscious. 🙂

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