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Getting Real About Manifesting

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Bulls EyeRecently I finished reading the book Siddhartha. It’s not the first time I read it. However, it is the first time in many years. It landed with me differently this time, especially as I’ve been thinking about my views on manifesting.

More on that later…

For now, you may recall that I’ve begun creating a program on manifestation called “Manifest Your Life.” And since I always like to “test the waters” with my content and programs, I’ll be writing more about manifestation in upcoming blog posts.

Don’t worry, not every message will be about manifesting. I’ll change it up. But a lot will be since I am creating the program and it’s what’s on my mind.

The reason I’ll be writing a lot about it is twofold:

(1) Writing helps me get clearer on what I’m teaching. By sharing with you, I am forced to create the program… before I’m actually creating the program. 🙂

(2) I want your feedback. It’ll be helpful for me to know what seems to connect with you, what doesn’t, and how your experiences and/or techniques may differ (or complement) what i’m sharing.

It’s become clear to me that I have a different view of manifestation than a lot of people. This is evident by my writings in “The Law of Attraction Hoax.”

As a result, Manifest Your Life will be unlike any other program you’ve used or bought on the topic. “Manifest Your Life” won’t exclude other programs, in fact, it’ll leverage their strengths and work parallel to them.

I can imagine people asking lots of different questions about that. Here’s one that comes to mind for me…

Will “Manifest Your Life” be the only program that people will ever need to manifest your ideal life?

Absolutely NOT.

Well, sort-of not. It’s not really about need.

One of the reasons I share so many different peoples’ manifestation programs is because I don’t believe any single person has the whole picture. My sense is that a lot of people have a lot of pieces to the maze.

And since you’re a unique expression of the Divine, it’s perfectly possible that what really works for YOU to manifest is different than what works for me, or for any of the people whose work I recommend.

This was the path Siddhartha initially took. He sought different masters to teach him. Siddhartha found that each of his teachers supported him in different ways. He found the similarities of each path, as well as the differences.

Similar to Siddhartha, when it comes to manifesting there’s commonalities in what works. There’s no questioning the power of positive thinking, affirmations, and overcoming limiting beliefs. Those are core to manifesting the life that you want. Just like we’re both human.

And yet we’re different. We can leverage the strengths of other peoples’ teachings, but eventually we must find what works for each of us. You and I are uniquely expressed waves of the same ocean.

Similarly, I see each manifesting program or resource also as unique waves in an ocean…

Each one helping me build my own picture of manifesting…

Each one helping me find a nugget of gold to live a more fulfilling life…

Each one helping me break out of the Manifestation Maze.

When we really get right down to it, manifesting is the fundamental nature of who we are. In any moment of any day, we are manifesting. While we give a lot of names, labels, and ideas to manifesting, at it’s core manifesting is one thing:

Manifestation is the process of transferring our potential source energy into kinetic energy in the world.

In my next blog post, we’ll flash back to high-school physics class and explore this in more detail. 🙂

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