Chris Cade's Blog » [PART 2] The Best Secrets Are Never Shortcuts (At First)

[PART 2] The Best Secrets Are Never Shortcuts (At First)

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

CaterpillarIn my last message, we explored the difference between shortcuts and secrets. And especially how easy it is to mistake them for each other. The thing to realize about secrets is this: once you actualize them into your life, you become a different person.

Secrets don't make you a better or bigger person than you were before. The secret to "more" confidence doesn't make you a person with bigger, better, or "more" confidence.

Actualizing the secret of true self-confidence in your life transforms you into a NEW person. It means that you can't actually imagine who or what you'll be when you have "more" confidence. This is the real reason why actualizing secrets creates true shortcuts.

It's important to realize that when you truly transform your life, it never looks how you think it will. This is the most interesting, yet overlooked aspect of transformation.

It's like this week's inspirational video, "Are You Carrots, Eggs, or Coffee?" Bringing a real secret into your life changes who you are. And by extension, how you view, experience, and engage with the world.

For example, if somebody had told me in 2008 that by actualizing my confidence I would get a divorce, leave the corporate world, and foreclose on two homes… I'd have outright said "More confidence? No thanks. I prefer my comfortable, predictable, lonely, sad life."

Not because that's what I would have wanted. No. Nobody wants to live a limited life. It would have happened becaouse our minds tend to perceive risk vs. reward in terms of comfort and security. Not in terms of authentic, deeply fulfilling happiness.

Using the confidence example, a person who just gets "more" confidence will continue to do things the same way in his or her life… only better. Better may mean you do it more efficiently, but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll do it differently. It won't change how you view the world (which is what study after study has shown is what affects your degree of happiness).

A transformed person, a person who "gets" the secrets, will see things differently. It won't neccessarily be about doing something better or more efficiently (though those are still possibilities). Instead, a transformed person will actually DO things differently as a result of seeing themselves and the world differently.

It's like eating a new food. Nobody can describe to you with any degree of accuracy what a food tastes like. We can use words like sweet or sour, tangy, fruity, or whatever. But those are still our descriptions based on our experiences. We just hope other people share those experiences enough to grasp what we're saying.

But other people can never know the taste, the real taste, the ACTUAL taste, until they taste something for themselves. It's like a secret vs. a shortcut.

The shortcut is telling a person what something tastes like. It's the longest distance between two points. It takes longer to explain than for that person to eat the food.

The secret is tasting the food. In this case, the metaphorical food of life…

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