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The Best Secrets Are Never Shortcuts (At First)

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Wooden HourglassI've been reflecting on the idea of "secrets" and "shortcuts." Most people seem to equate the two: secrets are shortcuts, and vice-versa. The thing is, it rarely works that way. First let's start with one of Murphy's Laws:

"A shortcut is the longest distance between two points."


The reason shortcuts often don't work is because they are copied without the insight and understanding needed to implement a shortcut effectively.

For example, "Get rich quick" schemes focus so much on the hows of doing something, that they neglect the most important aspect: the WHO is doing that something. Then over time, the "hows" get lost with lack of motivation, discouragement… both due to the lack of passion that comes with focusing only on the end result.

Or put another way: If you aren't *becoming* a different person through what you do, then all the shortcuts in the world will just take you back to dead-ends. Or they will be, at best, slow-roads to success.

Therefore, the "secret" to succeeding in life is to fundamentally change how you view the world. In fact, that's the real definition OF a secret. Real secrets are usually easy to intellectually understand yet difficult to actualize and live fully.

When we actualize a life-changing "secret," it actually creates very REAL and applicable shortcuts. Not Murphy's Law kinds of shortcuts, but the ones that actually let you connect the dots, take action, and realize your dreams more quickly.

(I'll explain more about this in my next blog post…)

In other words, the particular Murphy's Law I quoted is both true and false…

It's false for people who seek shortcuts as a way of avoiding challenge, difficulty, and the growth that happens from those experiences. It's false for people who only care about end results and nothing more.

And it's true for those people who go the distance, do the work, change their lives, discover the real secrets, and then apply what they've learned. It's true for people who want genuine happiness and fulfilling lives.

Personally, I'd rewrite that Murphy's Law like this:

"An actualized secret is the shortest distance between two points."

Every step in the path of personal transformation is a step closer to discovering the real secrets of the Universe.

Every step away from our true selves is reinforcing thoughts of limitation and lack.

This isn't conscious though. It's unconscious that we all believe (at least in some aspects of our lives), that we can ignore WHO we are while still incorrectly believing that we can get what we want.

It's the other way around though. You'll get what you want when you truly, authentically, actually, focus on WHO you are. 

That all said, would you like the shortcut version of this entire blog post?

Here it is….

YOU are the secret. 🙂

"Do you have difficulty finding 'enough' time to improve your life?"

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It includes shortcuts you can start using immediately, and well as secrets to change how you think and who you are…

So that you can have more free time to do what you really want. 🙂

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