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Tired of Getting Lost in the “Manifestation Maze?”

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Manifestation MazeI get asked to share a LOT of peoples' work. Programs, books, videos, everything… And I turn down more than 90% of those requests for many reasons.

The other less than 10% go through a rigorous end-to-end evaluation process before I decide whether or not to share their work with you. This process can take more than 6 months.


That's why when I actually recommend a product directly, the recommendation means something to me. It means that partner is of high integrity, produces quality content, has a mission to help change peoples' lives for the better, and that what they say actually makes sense and works. 🙂
With that in mind, I'm grateful to share with you "The Secret of Deliberate Creation" by Dr. Robert Anthony.

I'd heard about his work for years. People who read my emails have responded to me and recommended his program (you can read one such message at the end of this email). He even turned down being in the movie "The Secret" (though he is thanked in the book) because it didn't go deep enough.

However, I hadn't actually listened to his program until recently. Since doing so, I've been taking notes and gained some great insights. I've also found a lot of congruence in what I've personally experienced and what he teaches.

For example…

  • Why does the Law of Attraction seem to work for some people and not for others?
  • Why is "positive thinking" an indicator that we aren't manifesting our heart's desires?
  • How do we know if our desires are driven by our heart or our ego?
  • What role does intuition have in attracting what we want?
  • How do we land fully into the present moment to experience more peace, joy, love, and happiness? (and what should we do when we can't!)
  • Why is your life's purpose a key factor in determining how effectively you can manifest?
  • What can you do to get back on track when you're manifesting all the wrong things into your life? (and why is that happening… even when you focus your attention on what you want!)

Those are just a few questions I thought of while listening to his program. Many of these things I "understood" deep down, but had not consciously articulated. I appreciate the way Dr. Anthony teaches some of these topics (and many many more).
What he says makes sense and feels very grounded. He also uses a lot of really easy-to-understand metaphors that'll make you think to yourself, "Uh, obviously! Why didn't I ever think of it that way before?"

In fact, just listening to the metaphors alone will give you a lot of "Aha" moments… 🙂

If you've tried other Law of Attraction programs, but still feel lost in the "Manifestation Maze" (I just made that up right now… and I like it!), then definitely check out Dr. Anthony's "Secret of Deliberate Creation." And if you've never used one before, this is an excellent program to start with.

"The Secret of Deliberate Creation" integrates several aspects of the human experience: psychology, spirituality, our physical bodies, quantum physics, manifestation, bringing value to other peoples' lives, and more.

It is a holistic view on the Law of Attraction, and as such, there's also some unique tools and step-by-step techniques that you won't learn about anywhere else.

Begin Manifesting Your Heart's Desires Today

As for me, this is one program I *know* I'm going to re-listen to over the years to come.
Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

P.S. Here's a personal email I received last year…

"I consider myself much more knowledgeable on these self-professed gurus. First because I've tried so many of the courses available out there today. Second because of my hobby of many years which is Quantum Physics. Lastly I'm really good at spotting the ones who fill their courses with non-useable fluff filler.

Dr. Anthony's courses are none of the above. He's no nonsense informative and easy to comprehend and follow. I especially recommend you pick up a copy of his seminal series, 'The Secret to Deliberate Creation.' This course sets the standard which none of the others I've tried even come close to.

Most Importantly, I come to tell you that his stuff works. I'm living proof of that and in a mind blowing, lifestyle altering manner."

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