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Let’s Talk About Love… :)

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

HeartLove has been in my consciousness a LOT lately. Partly because the Universe seems to have that in store for me. For example, regardless of not knowing the topics in advance, several of my recent spiritual workshops have been focused on exploring love in its many expression. 

I have also had some synchronicities and great conversation about conscious romantic love between, with, and including a couple of amazing women.

And now that I've emerged out of my Dark Night of the Soul, I'm also finding that much of that previously stuck energy has been transformed into empowerment and additional energy to fuel my adventures (both inner and outer). My interest has naturally gravitated towards attracting, embracing, and participating in a conscious loving relationship.

So I've been reading about love a lot.

Not just romantic love, although that's at the forefront of my attention. It's been all kinds of expressions of love. I've been exploring what it means to love more fully, frequently, and consciously. It's not that I wasn't living in a loving way before. Only to say that now I'm going deeper with it.

In all my readings and personal explorations, what has struck me the most is that developing our capacity to love has very little to do with mindset or even heartset.
The people who are most unconditionally loving in the world, in most cases, didn't just magically wake up and be loving one day.

Sure there's a few rare cases, particularly near death experiences. But those are the exceptions, not the general rule of thumb. By and large, the majority of love in our world is cultivated through small and consistent conscious actions and practices.

More specifically, through what I would consider "Habits" of love.

What I'm talking about are little actions we can do each and every day to deepen into our loving nature and expand our capacity to express that love in the world.

Here's a few pieces I've written during the last year that support creating the "habit" of love…

All of those practices will help you cultivate a greater sense of unconditional love for yourself and for others. And as I continue to explore the subject of love in its many expressions, I will of course be sharing more with you.
Now here's where it gets interesting…

Cultivating a deeper love within ourselves and the world can also be looked at through a different lens.

In fact, just one word describes the process by which we develop, cultivate, and express love in the world.

That one word is…

Manifestation. 🙂

Now to oversimplify, "manifestation" is nothing more than the outer worldly expression of our inner source energy.

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