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“Sometime” Rarely Ever Comes…

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CalendarWhen I lived in Santa Cruz, sometimes when I went downtown to work, I would stop by the local bookstore to use their restroom. It's one of the few places in Santa Cruz that actually has public restrooms. Well, I'd been using it for over a year, and kept thinking to myself:

"I'm grateful that this store makes their restroom publicly available. I will buy a book from them sometime."

But here's the thing…

Sometime never came.

I'd look for books, but just never quite found what I wanted in that particular moment moment. Still, in the back of my head I knew I wanted to show my gratitude for the store.

Then one day back in 2012, I noticed about 10 feet away from the restroom was a little box. On the box was a note that invited visitors to donate whatever they could to help support the cost of maintaining the restrooms. Without hesitating, I put a dollar in.

And every so often, I would put another dollar in. Not every time. But periodically.

This experience had a personal impact on me beyond showing my gratitude. A couple of years ago when I started creating and producing my own programs, I removed the "Donate" possibility from my website. I thought to myself how it seemed incongruent that I would still accept donations when my programs were available for people to join.

How wrong I was.

What the bathroom donation experience helped me realize is that there's a LOT of people who are grateful for my work, want to show their support financially, and at the same time many not want to purchase my programs at this time (for whatever reason).

That's when I decided I'd add the "Gratitude Tithe" link back to my website. This opportunity is a way that some people can still show their gratitude for my impact in their lives in a way that feels more congruent for them.

If that resonates with you, I encourage you to click here and tithe whatever amount will comfortably express your gratitude and support for my service to you. Your support is what makes it possible for me to keep serving in this way. 🙂

I also recognize that many people want to show their support in non-financial ways. If that resonates with you, then the best thing you can do is forward my emails to friends & family and share these inspiring messages with others!

It's easy to do by forwarding on my messages to your friends and family, posting the inspirational videos on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have a website or blog you can always link back to my website.

Just like every small step makes a big difference in your transformation, every small act of generosity and support makes a big difference in helping us empower more people worldwide…

So that we are co-creating the incredible world we want to live in. Thank you for helping to make a difference! 🙂

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