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What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around… Comes Around…

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

What goes around comes aroundA while back, my son and I were walking to the beach and I felt inspired to do something a little different than we usually do. I grabbed his sidewalk chalk and brought it with us.

Every block or so, I’d pause and write a thoughtful, caring, or inspiring message on the ground. For example…

“You are loved.”


“Share something you love with the world.”

For nearly a quarter mile, we wrote these messages all along the sidewalk. I didn’t have expectations of how this would look like or unfold. I only knew that I felt inspired and I acted on that inspiration.

As I was writing the last few messages, people on bikes rode by and smiled while thanking us. That happened a few times, and I realized that this small simple act of kindness was already making a positive impact in the world.

Much to my surprise, the messages were still visible nearly a month later. Something that had taken us only a few minutes extra out of our day had made a difference in innumerable lives.

The best surprise though was what happened during the weeks after that experience…

As my son and I would walk to the beach, we noticed that other people had written their own thoughtful and caring messages on the sidewalk!

Somebody had written messages that were still inspiring more people long after our heartfelt wishes had washed away.

And those messages made me smile. 🙂

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