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Feeling Joy And Oneness

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Happy BabyA couple of months ago, I took my son to a local amusement park where he was having an absolute blast playing in the water. All around were parents and their kids, and I noticed something interesting: while all of the kids were in a space of pure joy and delight, many of the parents seemed overwhelmed. They seemed tired. And they seemed disconnected.

Not that I was one to talk.

It had been a long day and it was nice for me to have a break while my son was playing in the water area. Then something hit me by surprise!

Fortunately, it wasn’t water. 🙂

It was an epiphany about our humanity. It was a brief glimpse into a seeing the world through the lens of oneness and our interconnectedness.

Here’s how it happened…

I saw a little baby and my heart opened up. As I looked at the baby, I was touched by how it radiated with pure joy, happiness, and delight. This baby was just loving life and it didn’t even have a reason! It was in such a state of pure positivity that connected to me in a way that I also felt that joy. It was impossible for me not to.

As my heart continued to open, so did my epiphany. My awareness expanded as I remembered that I wasn’t just looking at one baby anymore. Every baby comes into the world this way. EVERY baby has moments of pure presence, joy, and happiness.

Then my heart sunk. I looked around and saw all the stressed and busy parents watching or chasing their little ones.

I was reminded how every one of those parents once was just like that little baby.

I was reminded how we all grasp at metaphorical straws to bring ourselves back into that state of pure joy and happiness.

I was reminded how I was one of those parents who had somehow lost touch with some of that preciousness that we treasure in babies.

Myself sometimes included. That’s when I wondered how I could bring that back into my life more frequently and fully.

Since I’m a huge fan of seeing fast results from practical and real experiences, my curiosity asked a simple question: “How could I experience this right now?”

The answer that arrived was simple and I had a glimpse into the Divine. I imagined every single adult in that play area as the little babies that they once were. In that moment I perceived each one as emanating that same pure joy and happiness of a baby.

Then I included myself in that experience and my heart melted. I got in touch with my purest true essence that I was — not because I was looking at a baby — but because I understood that completely precious baby still lives inside me today.

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