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Let It Flow... And Let It Go...

Let It Go… And Let It Flow

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

It's been said by many that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. If we take this to heart, it also reminds us that our bodies are the vehicles by which we interact with the world.

Seems obvious, but it's easy to forget. We don't make anything happen in our lives without doing something. Even the most prominent Law of Attraction teachers tell us that no matter how strongly we believe and affirm our intenions, we must take some form of action in the world to manifest them.

This also means our emotions have a much more important role in our lives than most of us give credit to…

(even those of us who already feel we know a LOT about the importance of emotions)

I'll explain more in a moment.

First, as a side-note related to manifesting…

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Now about those emotions, let's break it down…

Our bodies are made of electricity and chemcials. These are very real physical energies that need to be moving. When they are blocked, it creates cesspools within our bodies where the energy becomes stagnant and ineffective.

This is true whether the emotions are joy and happiness or sadness and anger. No matter what the emotion, it must be fully experienced in order for its energy to be released from the body.

At first glance, it may seem to be a good thing if "joy" or "happiness" were stuck in your body. However, the thing to remember is that if emotions are not experienced and allowed, then they will become repressed or suppressed. Yes, even your happiness and joy can become repressed or suppressed.

Take for example a child who is experiencing wonderful joy and delight, but his mother is depressed. Instead of allowing and appreciating his happiness, the boy learns that it's "not okay to be happy."

Over time he experiences happiness less frequently and with less intensity. The overall result is that his happiness and joy become repressed. As an adult, this child will most likely not be in touch with his happiness, and therefore, his passions in life. He may even develop physical illnesses to cope with all the blocked energy that remains unexperienced.

I like to use the example of a child who is happy because it's extreme. The extreme example helps us bring it back into our daily lives which usually aren't so extreme.

Though we may forget about the daily frustrations of our lives, they can build up over time. They can translate into anger or sadness, which then as those emotions are stuck in our bodies can be the catalysts for disease (dis-ease).

It's also important to note the difference between experiencing and expressing.

There have actually been studies that showed people who express their anger physically (such as hitting pillows) are more likely to have more severe anger issues.

Therefore, the answer isn't necessarily expressing emotions. Though since emotions expressed are amplified, in the case of positive emotions like happiness and joy, expressing them can be a significant benefit.

Regardless of whether the emotion is expressed however, the key is to simply experience those emotions. This is a skill that few people have mastered. It simply means that we are totally present, in our bodies, and accepting of whatever emotion is flowing through us. We don't deny or reject our experience.

For example, if we were feeling anger it isn't necessary that we yell, scream, or hit pillows. What is necessary is that we fully feel the anger flowing through our bodies. That we are fully in touch with our experience. This can apply to fear, jealousy, and other 'negative' emotions.

The same is true with happiness and joy. :)

As an extreme example, suppose you were at a funeral and you had spent some time completely remembering how much joy that person brought to your life. In fact, it's so much happiness that you feel overflowed and almost compelled to laugh or jump up and down. Still, this might not be the most appropriate time to express happiness in that way when people all around you are sobbing with tears. It might be disruptive.

Many of us would tell ourselves we "shouldn't" feel happy in that moment. But that's not true.

Happiness would be what's happening. It would be real and very true to us. Therefore, the best thing we could do is totally own and accept our happiness. Appreciate it.

In other words, don't suppress or reject your inner emotional experience simply because the outer-world context might not be able to appropriately hold and value your inner experience.

Ultimately, what we strive for is a balance in fully experiencing our emotions and expressing them appropriately. When we allow these emotions to run through us, even without "expressing" them, our bodies have a natural release of the energy. The electrical charge and chemicals can flow naturally.

By doing this, we can not only release old stuck emotions, we can also prevent new ones from becoming stuck.

(FREE) 5 -five- audio programs for brain reprogramming

(FREE) 5 -Five- Audio Programs For Brain Reprogramming

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Free Spiritual Gifts

I'm going to keep today's message unusually short and sweet… :)

My friend Karl has just released a brand new software program that reprograms our brains automatically (it's pretty darn amazing), and to celebrate it's release he's giving away 5 free audios to help reprogram your brain easily and effectively. :)

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When you click the link above, you'll be able to get access to all 5 of his new 'Brainhacker' audio programs – and also a video tour of his new "Subliminal360" software.

I've actually used version 1.0 of the Subliminal360 software for over half a decade (about 6 years now), and I'm delighted to now have version 2.0 up and running on my computer now that it's available (only for PC).

In fact, it's the ONLY personal development product that I use every single day.

With that in mind…

Be sure to grab your 5 free 'brain changing' audios here…
And watch the video tour of Subliminal360.

It's a very impressive software program and does WAY more than the version 1.0 that I've used for so many years. And that's saying a lot given that I used to work in the software industry for almost 10 years. :)

And here's a very recent pic of Karl and I when we hung out in San Diego a couple of weeks ago…

What do prosperity, Thai food, and your DNA have in common?

What Do Prosperity, Thai Food & Your DNA Have In Common?

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Free Spiritual Gifts

A few months ago, my friend Amish was visiting and we were having dinner at a Thai restaurant….

As fellow entrepreneurs, we got in our usual healthy dose of "talking shop." I love having friends who we can bounce ideas off of and share how we are going to continue making a difference in the world.

As friends, we also went deeply personal. I really value having friendships like with Amish where we can talk about whatever our limitations are (big or small), our strengths, our passions and successes, as well as our challenges – and be able to share support and wisdom.

During our dinner, he shared with me he was working on a new cutting-edge project…

It's called "Project Wealth."

Now for most of us, a cutting-edge project sounds like a big deal. Especially when it comes to money, since most of us have "heard it all."

Amish's mind is brilliant though, and I've become accustomed to this being the norm with him. :)

In fact, I've still got the gold Sri Yantra he sent me sitting on my 'Wealth and Abundance' intention altar in my room.

(I'll snap a pic or do a video for you sometime)

Anyway, Amish shared with me that he had surveyed thousands of people and asked them what they wanted help with in their lives – and Project Wealth was his answer.

He's also made a video about it which you can get access to here:

Watch The Video Now

Watch Amish's DNA Prosperity Video Now

According to Amish, if you're not 100% satisfied with your financial situation right now…

It could be because the words that you speak daily are sabotaging your "Prosperity DNA."

And in this video, he shares with you the words that are coating your thoughts & actions with poverty instead of prosperity.

(as well as what words you should use instead)

Is your own DNA quietly sabotaging your success & abundance?

After you watch the video, be sure to pass it on to anybody you know who has an open mind and a heartful wish to expand their abundance. :)


Stuck In An Abusive Relationship

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

A lady goes to work at a large department store and she's friends with somebody in a another department who she doesn't know very well, but is drawn to her. You know how you can just meet somebody and like them immediately.

But over a short period of time this one lady begins to notice that the other lady is getting more and more solemn and depressed. And finally, even though they have never really spoken, she walks over and says:

"Hi. I'm Ruth and we smile at each other from time to time. I hope I'm not prying into your life, but I could tell that something is wrong. Would you mind sharing it with me? Maybe it would be better if we talked about it."

"Yeah, I'll tell you what the deal is. I'm stuck in an abusive relationship."

"Oh," Ruth says, "listen to me. Don't you put up with it for one second. Don't you stay in any abusive relationship. No matter what, don't you stick with it."

"No, I don't think you understand," says the other lady…

"You see, I live all by myself. And there's nobody else in my life but me."

This story is from one of my spiritual teachers, Guy Finley. He's a true master storyteller, and one of the things I love about his programs is that he uses the power of stories to show us deep truths about ourselves.

Read on for another story from him…

And before you do, this is just a quick reminder that on Monday I shared with you his "Breaking Dependency" program and a lot of people are already enjoying it.

It's all about how we can break our unwanted habits…

Whether it's alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, overeating, harmful relationship patterns, overindulgence in sex, incessant anxiety, impulsive spending, insatiable ambition, fear of failure, chronic clutter, procrastination…

Literally any habit at all that you want to be free from.

Click Here To Learn more About "Breaking Dependency"

And now for "This Time It'll Be Different…"

There are two friends and one of them is a traveling salesman who has to go out on the road every two or three weeks and sometimes he's even gone for 3 months at a time. After one of these lengthy trips, he comes back and he drives back into his little city, and while driving he sees a sign over a store that says 'Custom cabinets by Curt.'

"That's Curt's place. Custom cabinets? What in the heck's going on?" he thinks to himself. So he stops the car and he walks in and says, "Curt. Since when did you become a maker of custom cabinets?"

Curt looks at him and says, "Well, you know. I did try for a while making custom chairs, as you know when you left, but it just didn't work out so well."

"Well why not, Curt? Didn't have any business?"

Curt says, "Well, I guess you can say that."

"Well, what do you mean 'I guess?'"

"I discovered I don't have any woodworking skills.

His friend slaps himself on the forehead and says, "But Curt. To build custom cabinets takes woodworking skills."

Curt looks at his friend like he's stupid, and he says, "Yeah. But this time I'm hoping that things will be different."

If any part of you is hoping "this time it will be different" then check out Guy's "Breaking Dependency" program. It's very reasonably priced, and you're sure to get some great insights out of it. :)

I've loved Guy's stories for over half a decade – and I am always grateful to share his work with others. Since I've got this one loaded on my phone, I'm going to give it another listen.

** Click Here To Start "Breaking Dependency" **
4 Simple Steps to Overcoming Procrastination

4 Simple Steps to Overcome Procrastination

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

For so long I identified with being a "Reluctant Hero." Life threw me curveballs, and I'd hit home runs. That worked well except for one fundamental problem…

In order to thrive, I had to be put through difficult tests. I hadn't developed the capacity to forge ahead in life fiercelessly. I was always waiting for external circumstances to force me to change.

And they did.

There was literally a major event that had to happen before I could know what it meant to truly live. I had to be severely betrayed and traumatized to understand the real risks of reluctance.

Until that incident, I didn't realize that my reluctance was costing me my life. I held myself back in almost every way.

Nobody could see it from the outside. I was succeeding like I always did. It seemed like anything I touched turned to gold. Outside, everybody saw the hero. Inside though, I was dying a slow death.

My true potential was withering away. Reluctance was costing me happiness and my well-being. Unconsciously, I was scared that if I went for what I really wanted, I would be crushed if I didn't get it. In relationships, I settled for the tattered remains of broken hearts because it felt safer than the risk of a painful rejection.

The thing is, I didn't realize how much of my reluctance had nothing to do with others and everything to do with myself. When we get right down to it, most reluctance is a cover for how we reject our inner experiences.

What we do is identify with our limited ways of being. By holding onto the familiar state of reluctance, we quietly reject our incredible potential. In most situations, hiding behind our reluctance feels safer than possibly opening up the pain of old wounds, and even scarier, taking risks that could give us new ones. The reluctance prevents us from making the necessary changes we need to live a fulfilling life.

The thing is, there's never going to be a better time to make changes than now.

"Sometime" is never going to come as long as you're waiting for something outside of yourself to happen.

Harriet Beecher Stowe supposedly wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin with just 10 minutes a day. Chris Gardner was homeless and shirtless when he showed up for an interview at a prestigious investment firm. And neither of those people sat and waited for life to happen to them. They engaged their dreams while living their very full and challenging lives. They also did it one step at a time.

You can too.

The key is to break your reluctance down into such small steps that it takes more effort for you to stand still than it does for you to take action.

Here's a quick 4-step process you can use to make this happen:

  1. Next time you find yourself thinking, "if only" or "I will do it after this other thing happens," write down exactly what it is you want and what you're expecting to happen before you can have what you want.
  2. For each item you listed, write down why you as many ways you can think of that it might be possible, even if "the other thing" you're waiting for never happens.
  3. Look at your list and find the easiest or fastest thing you can do. Then go do it.
  4. Repeat step 3 as much as you can.

By following this simple process, you'll force your mind into a creative problem-solving action mindset. You'll also create momentum that will progressively reprogram your mind to take action proactively.

So what Will You Do With Your Future? :)

Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright (The NEW Version)

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

A few weeks ago while I was walking outside at night, I did as I always do…

I looked up at the Heavens and began my silent prayer: "Star Light, Star Bright… First Star I See Tonight."

In mid-prayer, I remembered something that Napoleon Hill had written in his virtually unknown book, "Outwitting the Devil."

**NOTE: If you haven't heard of this book of his from 1938 (just after he wrote "Think And Grow Rich," it's because until 2012 Hill and his successors BARRED anybody from ever publishing it. It was believed to be too controversial, and the insights shared might be too threatening to our society.

The whole book is a dialogue in which Napoleon Hill manages to get the Truth out of the Devil… so that Hill and everyone who comes into contact with him, can use it against the Devil… to outwit the devil.

Or in other words, to live an amazing life. :) In the book, there's a passage about prayer which really got me thinking:

"Since becoming better acquainted with my 'other self,' my way of praying is different from what it was before. I used to go to prayer only when facing difficulty. Now I go to prayer before difficulty overtakes me, when possible. I now pray, not for more of this world's goods and greater blessings, but to be worthy of that which I already have. I find that this plan is better than the old one.

“Infinite Intelligence seems not at all offended when I give thanks and show that I am grateful for the blessings which have crowned my efforts. I was astounded, when I first tried this plan of offering a prayer of thanks for what I already possessed, to discover what a vast fortune I had owned without being appreciative of it.”

Outwitting the Devil

There's a lot somebody can take away from that passage (and all of Outwitting the Devil) and apply to his or her own life.

For me, I took it in a slightly different direction and it's affected my "Star Light" prayer 100%.

Here's my new version…

"Star Light, Star Bright.
First Star I See Tonight.
Wish I May. Wish I Might.
Give This Wish I Wish Tonight."

Image ©

What If Your Intuition Is All f*$#@d Up?

What If Your Intuition Is All F*$#@d Up?

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Wendy wrote me the other day asking…

"Here's something for you a lot of coaches don't address:

A lot of coaches talk about developing your intuition as if the only thing stopping you from using it is your ability to hear it. But what if your intuition is, well, detuned? As in, when something inside you urges you to a particular course of action, logic tells you something else (or nothing at all), and it turns out to be the wrong course?"

When I was in the corporate world, I was heavily involved in software testing at one point. For years, my job was to do two things:

(1) See if software worked the way it was supposed to

(2) Try to break software by doing everything it's not supposed to

I approach personal development the same way. I test stuff. I see what works. I see what doesn't. Then I relay what I learn to you.

This way you're not getting "hand-me-down" teachings, you're getting the benefit of my direct experience.

More importantly than that, though, I encourage you to test what works for you in your own life. That's because no matter how much I test teachings, what I test is through my lens of experience.

And the greatest gift you can give yourself is seeing what is true for YOU. Uniquely you.

With this perspective in mind, my advice to Wendy is simply this:

Keep a journal. Every time you hear your intuition, take note of what you hear. Then take an action. See if the action produces the results in alignment with your intuition.

The reason this is so important is because every sense we have (including our 6th sense) is filtered through the lens of our Being. Our physical and psychological filters control what we see.

This is a literal fact. Perception is determined by our brains. Our eyes have blind spots and our mind fills them in (I show this unquestionably in one of my Liberate Your Life exercises).

Therefore, it's entirely possible that what you *think* is your intuition, is in fact, "detuned" or just entirely f*$#@d up. By keeping a journal, you begin to sort out what is actually true for you.

For example, how did I learn to trust my intuition?

In my early 20's, it would tell me things that were not logical. My mind rebelled and would do the opposite. Every time I listened to my mind and silenced my intuition (even though I didn't know "what" it was), I got totally screwed over.

Bad stuff happened when I didn't listen to my intuition. So I got the message and realized to just listen to it, even if it didn't make sense to me.

That was my experience. Yours may be different. Don't take my word for ANY of this. Don't take my word for anything. Just take what I say with a grain of salt and then ruthlessly test it yourself.

Hard Times

Hard Times

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

A man was selling oranges in the middle of a road. He was illiterate, so he never read newspapers. He put some signs along the road and spent the whole day praising the flavor of his wares.

Everyone bought from him and the man thrived. With the money he placed more signs on the road and began to sell more fruit. Business was growing fast!

One day his son – who was educated and had studied in a big city – asked him:

"Father, don't you know that the world is going through very hard times? The economy of the country is in an awful state!"

Worried by this, the man reduced the number of signs and began to sell fruit of inferior quality because it was cheaper. Sales slumped immediately.

"My son is right," he thought. "Times are very hard."

– Thanks for this storie goes to Paulo Coelho, NY Times best-selling author of The Alchemist, and whose books have sold over 150 million copies worldwide

Do you ever have that gnawing feeling that something's missing…

That there has to be more to life than this?

The newest book by NY Times bestselling authors of The Passion Test, my friend Janet Attwood and her best friend and business partner Chris Attwood, is for people who have that feeling.

AND today I'm hooking you up with a FREE printed physical copy! :)

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Paulo Coelho recently wrote this about it…

"Your Hidden Riches is a book that will give you the tools to unlock the mysteries and joys of life."

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Why do I feel so overwhelmed?

Why aren't I happier and more fulfilled?

Why do I procrastinate and never seem to move forward?

What am I doing wrong?

If so, this new book is for people like you who recognize that personal development training just isn't enough. You've realized that you need to go to a deeper level to discover the purpose of your life and create a life that feels meaningful.

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"I Don't Like You!" :)

“I Don’t Like You!” :)

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Free Spiritual Gifts

No, I'm not talking about you personally…

(that's why I put a smiley face in the subject line of this email)

"I don't like you!" is the phrase I utter whenever my ego is presented with information that -it- doesn't like…

Information that will change my perspective on myself.

Sure my heart and spirit love those transformational moments. And I love the people who elicit and support those moments in me. Those 'ahas.'

My ego, on the other hand…

Does not. And I had one of those "I don like you!" moments on Friday after taking a short quiz from my friend Paul Hoffman.

Click Here To Take The 'Money Blocks' Quiz I'm Referring To

See, I consider myself pretty even-keel when it comes to money. While I'm not super rich, I really don't have a lot of money blocks in my life. I have enough that my life is comfortable right now and for that I am grateful.

So when I went to take Paul's quiz, I was quietly thinking to myself, "I'll ace this one. I've got it covered."

As if it were somehow a test to be passed?

Suuuure…. :)

Well, at first I felt right. With each passing question, I thought, "Yeah, I see how that could have affected people adversely. How that childhood experience could create a negative belief around money. And fortunately, that wasn't my experience."



A couple of questions landed that put my ego in check. An immediately I thought to myself…

"I don't like you, Paul!"

Nevermind that I really do like him. We've spent some time together over the last year, and though we live hundreds of miles apart, had a really tasty and healthy dinner together a few months back. I saw him again last month and we shared a good hug.

So as I'm sure you can see, it's nothing personal I've got against Paul. He's a great guy, creating great products, and an insightful money quiz that blindsided me.

According to Paul, if you're not making as much money as you'd like…

Or if you're drowning in debt…

Or if you just can’t seem to get ahead…

Then chances are you're *unconsciously* telling yourself one of 3 "Deadly Money Incantations" that is blocking you from experiencing the financial abundance that you want.

See Which Of Your Beliefs Is Limiting Your Abundance

A "Deadly Money Incantation" is simply any negative limiting belief about money that you persistently tell yourself on an ongoing basis (consciously or unconsciously).

Chances are, you absorbed it from what you saw and experienced as a child. And unfortunately, you may have been repeating it to yourself over and over again on a subconscious level for so long that you eventually just 'charm' yourself into believing is true.

As you know, our beliefs become our reality. That's a double-edged sword, and the good news is that awareness is our greatest gift and power as human beings.

And once you know what these 3 Deadly Money Incantations are (including the one that’s most affecting you right now), they immediately being losing their hold on you – so that the money you desire and deserve can finally begin flowing into your life in surprising and miraculous ways. :)

After you take Paul's 'Money Blocks' quiz, I hope you find the free customized video report you get as insightful as I did mine. :)

How To Brainwash Yourself In 3 Simple Steps

How To Brainwash Yourself In 3 Simple Steps!

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Free Spiritual Gifts

Select your preferred *brainwashing by clicking the link below:

Begin Your Brainwashing Here

You'll be able to choose from the following *brainwashing options:

  1. The Law of Attraction
  2. Feel Happy Now
  3. Reinvent Yourself
  4. Eliminate Stress
  5. Bounce Back from Burnout
  6. Achieve Your Goals

Enter your email address *AND* check your email.

Download and listen to your preferred *brainwashing.

That's it! How to brainwash yourself in 3 simple steps. :)

There's no question that companies, governments, and military organizations have used brainwashing for centuries. They've done it to take control of people to make them act against their own personal best interests.

That's old-school brainwashing…

I say, why not use new-school brainwashing to take control of our best selves and improve our lives? :)

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