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Actual Conversations With My Son

Actual Conversations With My 9 Year Old Son

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Random Stuff

My son is now 9, and for most of his life he -like many children- calls it like he sees it. Sometimes he’s got a pretty solid view on a situation, and other times his youthful innocence and lack of worldly knowledge come through.

No matter what though, he always seems to create some really memorable moments. Not because he’s trying to be funny, but precisely the opposite: Because he’s not.

Anyway, here’s a few conversations we’ve had over the last year that I thought you’d enjoy. If you look deeper than the surface, you’ll see there’s actually spiritual lessons to be learned.

Enjoy :)

Me: “It’s time to take your shower.”

My Son: “I don’t want to take a shower. I want to take a bath.”

“Okay, it’s time to take your bath.”

…Suddenly, he starts running laps across the entire house as fast as he can.

“It’s time to take your bath!”

He keeps running…


“Daddy, I’m trying to run so fast that I can’t hear you.”

Me: “When we get home, the first thing you need to do is brush your teeth.”

My Son: “Unless a meteor hits us.”

Me: “True. If a meteor hits us, we will be dead. So assuming a meteor doesn’t hit us before we get home, brush your teeth first.”


“Daddy – do you have any cavities?”

“No new ones. I have some from several years ago.”

“Do you have silver things in your mouth? Johnny has those.”

“No. I used to and I had them removed.”

“Why, Daddy?”

“Because those are made with mercury and are toxic.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Mercury is bad for the brain.”

“OH! That’s why Johnny went to the office so much this week!”

I was about to leave on a trip to visit my then-girlfriend who lived in another state…

“Daddy, I’m going to miss you.”

“I know. And I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

“I wish you had a copy. That way you could go see her and still stay here and play with me. Don’t you wish you had a copy?”

“Yup. That would be cool! Then I could stop you from taking advantage of Grandpa and eating lots of junk food while I’m gone.”


“Daddy, you can go see her now. Go.”

My Son: “I use my anger to hit the golf ball hard.”

“Is there something specific that you’re angry about?”

“Yeah. That I can’t get the ball in the hole.”

(Welcome to golf, my son. Welcome to golf…)

New Year's Blessing

A New Year’s Blessing For You

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

As we come upon the new year, it’s a time when most of us make resolutions…

Whether it’s to change some of our lifestyle habits that no longer serve us…

Negative thinking that gets in the way of achieving our dreams…

Or to let go of something in the past and make room for new joys and gifts.

No matter what you may be resolving, and even if you’re not making any, I have a short yet powerful blessing to support you in this new year.

Welcome to 2016!Together, we can make this a reality… let's share this blessing and watch it multiply <3 <3 <3

Posted by Positive Affirmations For A Better Life on Friday, January 1, 2016

Rise Into Love

Rise Into Love

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Earlier this year, I was asked a special favor: To write the main wedding reading for a couple whom I had never met.

As I reflected on this request, a request in most cases I’d have denied (I simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to continually grant all the requests people make), this one landed in my heart and I said yes.

I had a few months, yet no words came. I trusted the Divine to flow through me when the time was right…

Right up until the deadline. The very last day I had to send over the reading. Still no words (unless you count the email reminding me it was the last day!)

As I started to write, the words wouldn’t flow. That’s when I remembered what I teach about Writer’s Block within my Conscious Chronicling program: When the words don’t flow, it just means something isn’t aligned. Writer’s block is nothing more than not being tuned in to the Present moment completely.

I paused and realized the answer was so simple: Instead of writing, I was to speak the words. I started the voice recorder on my phone, and here is the final version of what the Divine flowed through me. I hope you enjoy it, and that it supports you in your own adventures with love…

“Rise Into Love” © Chris Cade 2015

You are a beautiful example of what a committed loving partnership looks like. And until today, both of you have continued to fall in love with one another. In doing so, it can be easy to believe that you are separate individuals falling in love together and taking the next step. That’s one way to see things.

Look deeper. Look deeper at how both of you will rise into love.

You may think you came together in marriage for specific reasons. Perhaps because your wife is compassionate, playful, and generous. Or because your husband is a true romantic who balances the gifts and needs of family with being a caring and attentive partner.

Those reasons are valid. They are also just the beginning. Let’s rise further…

Right now, notice the physical sensations in your heart. Notice what love feels like in this moment.

This sensation is your anchor in marriage. It is a reminder of the love that you both bring forth.

When you remember this moment, it is not important to remember who you married or even why. Both of those will change. Just remember this direct experience of love in your hearts.

Remember to rise into love. Remember to see the best in your spouse. You will show the world and yourselves what an extraordinary marriage looks like when love is your anchor. When you stop falling and you start rising.

You will also show yourselves what the two of you can cocreate when love is at the center of all you do and who you choose to be.

Rise into love.

As you know, there will also be difficult times. There will be times when your minds try to push each other away. To push you apart. This is what happens when you love deeply with all of your being. Because when you love with full hearts, all that is not love will try to stop you. All that is not true and authentic will try to get in the way. This comes from fear.

In your marriage, choose to rise above this fear. Know that when it shows up -and it will- you can choose to see things differently. In those moments, ask yourselves one simple question:

What will liberate the most love right now?

Ask this, and you will discover gifts previously unimaginable.

Seek not to own or control your partner. Marriage is not a license to possess. Do not even seek to get your needs met. Instead ask yourselves: how will you rise into love and meet your spouse’s true needs?

These are not likely to be the needs that you imagine. Maybe not even the ones that you speak to one another. They arise from the depths within each of you.

Your true needs are the treasures that this marriage empowers you to find, honor, and give. They empower you to bring out the unique best in one another. They support you to rise into love more than you can possibly imagine.

The two of you are together for a reason. Live that reason. Be that reason. And always above all else, never assume you know what that reason is.

The mystery of love will show you why you are together in marriage. Your only job in marriage, if there were one, is to ask the questions that deepen your love for one another. Every single day, ask questions that bring out the best in each other and in your marriage. Ask questions that liberate the most love.

Now look into each others eyes again. Notice the sensations of love in your heart. Feel your heart expand until it includes your spouse.

This is the true love that you are marrying into. This is the true love that you are rising into.

Together, rise into this love.

After reading this, other people have asked if they may use this reading at a wedding they are speaking at…

To every person who has this heartfelt response, I am deeply honored for your connection to this work and am grateful to support you in sharing it with your loved ones. You may use it under two conditions: First, is that it is not modified in any way (except for my recommendation below) and secondly is that I am acknowledged as the author. That said, just remember to make the following minor changes and you’re good to go! :)

Instead of wife/husband in the following paragraph, use the actual names of the bride and groom (or bride/bride or groom/groom if appropriate):

You may think you came together in marriage for specific reasons. Perhaps because BRIDE’S NAME is compassionate, playful, and generous. Or because GROOM’S NAME is a true romantic who balances the gifts and needs of family with being a caring and attentive partner.

Secondly, you may replace the 3 qualities “compassionate, playful, and generous” with the qualities of the bride you most admire, and the “true romantic who balances the gifts and needs of family with being a caring and attentive partner” with the qualities of the groom that you most admire. This will give the reading a more personalized feel, while still staying true to its essence.

Turn Your Fear Into Fuel

Get Unstuck By Turning Your Fear Into Fuel

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Random Stuff

Last week I shared with you that I was at a retreat finishing up my certification to become a firewalk instructor…

And that there was a moment when I thought I got burned (it sure hurt!) by the red hot coals and felt fear. I didn't want to step forward. I didn't want to be burned again.

In that moment, I made a simple choice that fear was NOT how my story would end… especially since overcoming fear is absolutely ESSENTIAL to walk on fire (literally, and in life).

Like me, we all have something deep inside that terrifies us. This is true no matter how confident or successful we are. It's part of the human experience, left over from our prehistoric days when a healthy fear kept us alive.

The trouble is that today there are hundreds of fears & phobias that hurt us. Here's just a few:

  • Fear of failure (keeps you from trying)
  • Fear of success (sabotages your every effort)
  • Fear of looking foolish (keeps you from speaking up)
  • Fear of speaking (keeps others from seeing your brilliance)
  • Fear of loneliness (pushes you into unhealthy relationships)
  • Fear of poverty (clouds your financial decisions or creates workaholism)

No matter what the fear is, my colleague John Assaraf has the latest brain science that proves every single fear we have can be broken — and that we can be free from fear.

(without needing to walk over a bed of hot coals!)

He's created a free online workshop for you, and you can RSVP at the link below:

Get Unstuck By Turning Your Fear Into Fuel

If each of us just dropped a few fears (not even all of them), our world would be a MUCH better place. More peaceful, loving, and abundant. We would all be experiencing the goodness that life offers. Our world would be free of the horrors of war and terrorism.

It all starts with us. It all starts with the possibilities that are available to us when we retrain our brains.

And while there's lots of ways to do it (such as walking on fire)…

Approaches like John's are easier, faster, and scientifically-based. :)

And in case you’re not familiar with John’s work… he was a featured teacher in "The Secret," is the author of multiple New York Times Best-Selling Books, and has been interviewed by Larry King, Ellen DeGeneris, CNN, and more.

His expertise is on using cutting-edge neuroscience to train our brains to succeed, and according to him all Fear lives in the SAME area in your brain and sets off triggers and alarms inside you the same ways.

That's why neuroscience has been so successful at targeting and breaking feelings of fear, doubt, self-esteem and the habits and patterns you create to compensate over the years.

Get Unstuck By Turning Your Fear Into Fuel

Ryan's unforgettable Mother's Day delivery to Mom

This Is What Happens When A Son “Pays Back” His Mother… (Try Not To Cry!)

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Conscious Parenting

From the original video post…

This real mom living in Moreno Valley, CA can’t hold back her tears when she’s surprised with the Mother’s Day gift of a lifetime from her son Ryan, hand-delivered by Teleflora.

I also had tears in my eyes while watching this. It’s powerful, touching, and honestly what all commercials should be…


Enjoy :)

Follow Your Dreams

I Was Scared… And I Didn’t Even Know It!

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Today I watched a very touching video about a mother who gave up her dreams of becoming a pro athlete so that she could raise her son.

And it got me wondering…

How often do we give up on our dreams (big or small)?

When I'm really honest with myself, every day I'm letting some of my dreams slide by.

Part of me is unconsciously aware of this. And occasionally it rises to my conscious surface like it did this last weekend.

I was networking with several of my friends (including Mary Morrissey's son Mat) & colleagues about how to serve you more effectively. During a lull, I wrote myself a simple question on a piece of paper:

"What is the reason why I am not accomplishing as much as I know I'm capable of?"

The answer surprised me…


So I asked myself…

"What am I scared of?"

First was a temporary lack of income. A part of me is scared that if I truly follow ALL of what I know my heart wants to create, that it means sacrificing some short-term income for long-term goals (that my mind believes are "less predictable" than the short-term income).

I asked myself again…

"What am I scared of?"

Then the REAL answer hit me.

See, I'm a single full-time father. I work when my son is at school and then I stop working. And while that is an amazing opportunity to be a great father, like all choices, it has an opportunity cost.

The voice inside me simply said:

"I'm scared that my son would feel abandoned."

(because the belief is that I'd have to work more and therefore have less time for my son)

That hit me like a ton of bricks. I had already known that part of the reason I didn't work as much as I could was to be there for my son.

My fear though, specifically, is that he'd feel abandoned. He'd feel like I wasn't a "good enough" father. That someday instead of thanking me for how I was always there for him, he'd resent me for not being there enough.

Anybody who knows me intimately would be surprised by that answer since I truly am a great father.

But the simple fact is that my mind was TRAPPED. And I didn't even see the trap until yesterday when I started looking deeper for the truth.

Maybe you're like me and wish to create more in your life?

Perhaps your dream is reaching a new level of financial abundance, elevating your health and fitness, pursuing your dream job or dream business, moving to a new city, traveling the world, finding your soulmate, or up-leveling and deepening your relationships?

But no matter how much of your precious time, money or emotional energy you put into trying to make your dream come true, you just stayed stuck right where you were?

Yeah. I hear you. Been there. Am there. Been that. Was doing that.

And I'm changing it because that I *KNOW* what's up.

You can too.

Watch this video on the 3 dream "traps" and how you can avoid them.

When you put so much effort towards making one of your dreams come true, but you're unable to create the results you want… this can leave you feeling frustrated, disappointed… and sometimes even embarrassed.

I know I've felt this way before. And as you can see, occasionally I still do.

The above video is the 2nd one from Mary Morrissey in her DreamBuilder video training series. After you watch Mary's video above you'll finally understand what was REALLY blocking your dream from becoming your reality (it's usually 1 of 3 things)…

And you'll know exactly how to avoid these "dream traps" when pursuing your dreams in the future. :)

Join me in the pursuit of being UNSTOPPABLE.

Unstoppable in achieving our dreams…

Unstoppable in living up to our greatest potential…

And unstoppably happy. :)

I'm sure you've heard the saying "you can't have your cake and eat it too."

I think it's bullshit.

But until we train our minds, bodies, and spirits to go for our dreams then we'll never see past the illusion. We'll just stay stuck in limitation, lack, and frustration.

I refuse to stay trapped and stuck. It's just not worth the stress. Maybe you agree?

Brendon Burchard

10 factors PREDICT if you will achieve your goals every time

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Surprisingly, just 10 decisions you make can predict if you'll succeed pursuing any goal or dream. They also predict if you or your family/team will even TRY to pursue a goal.

If you have a big vision for your life…

And you want to KNOW if you're likely to achieve it, be sure to get this free download from Brendon Burchard:

10 Factors PREDICT If You Will Achieve Your Goals Every Time

This is the same "predictor tool" Brendon uses with his $50,000 coaching clients.

I've read his book "Millionaire Messenger" (#1 NY Times Best-Seller). Over 30 million people have watched his videos in the last year. And my friends and colleagues all rave about him and his work.

If you find you're struggling in any of the areas of the assessment, Brendon gives TONS of insight on how to get back on track.

Watch This Video

I'm watching (technically 'listening to') it right now, and it's REALLY good stuff.

Brendon is reminding me to focus back on what makes me feel alive, productive, engaged, and to step towards my maximum potential.

And here's some of what you'll get out of this free resource…

  • #1 reason most people fail to achieve a goal
  • Which factors predict success the MOST
  • Why "planning" isn't as useful as you would imagine
  • How high performers develop VISION
  • How to discern what you REALLY want
  • WHEN it's time to quit on a goal

Start Succeeding More Than Ever Before

Your Quality of Life Is Determined By

Your Quality Of Life Is Determined By _______

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Product Recommendations

According to one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Guy Finley, our quality of life is determined by exactly one thing:

The level of our consciousness.

Which also means that when we learn to raise our consciousness, we improve the quality of all aspects of our lives.

While this may seem to simple to be true, I've witnessed it to be true in my own life. It's the most precious gift I have, in fact… because it is infused with everything I do.

(Including writing to you).

A few years ago I went to Guy Finley's non-profit "Life of Learning Foundation" in Merlin Oregon and spent a few days there. This was after having already read a few of his books and listened to several of his audios (which I truly LOVE).

During that time, I really enjoyed getting to know the people who support bringing Guy's work to the world – especially Eric and Tim. We spent time chatting over meals and in the hallways.

Getting to know them was a gift – digging into spiritual Truths, and also listening in person to Guy's teachings. I spent some time out in nature while there, and I thoroughly enjoyed communing with all the spiritual seekers who come together to study with him.

It's been a while since I've visited, and I plan to head up there sometime in the next few months.

A while back, Eric sent me a message saying that he, Tim, and Guy had come up with something I might want to share with you. Given that everything Guy produces is truly excellent, I had no hesitations.

Granted, I get approached all the time to share peoples' books, programs, and videos. Almost every time, I say "no." Most people and their programs just aren't up to the quality I require for me to even *consider* sharing something with you.

And if I do decide to *consider* sharing it with you, then the potential partner usually goes through weeks or -months- of me evaluting their programs, the emails they send to their readers, test their systems and websites, getting to know the partner, and YES… I even do reference checks on them to make sure that other people, who I know and trust, also endorse the person whose work I am *considering* sharing with you.

As I'm sure you can imagine, most people –even well intentioned people with good hearts– never get past "Hi my name is…"

Of course, Guy and his team are WELL past those hurdles. His work is awesome, and I listen to his audios when I go on road trips.

Well, Guy's team has written a letter sharing more about how our level of consciousness affects the quality of our lives.

They also share what kind of insights, benefits, and new understandings you can reasonably expect to experience in your life after listening to Guy's newest program "To Touch The Timeless Mind: Make the Million-Year Leap in Human Consciousness" and putting it into practice.

Click Here And Read The Letter

What makes this offer unique – aside from the very empowering content – is that Guy Finley has priced it ridiculously low.

(You won't believe your eyes. Seriously.)

And between my personal experiences with just *loving* Guy's programs and books for several years…

And getting to know Guy and his team personally…

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to share this opportunity with you.

Breaking Dependency

92 out of 100 people fail at this… and they don’t know why :(

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Product Recommendations

It's a startling fact… and at first glance it seems to leave us with little hope:

According to statistics, 92 out of every 100 people who attempt to break a bad habit are destined to fail.

Only a mere 8% ever find a way to break free of their self-imposed prison.

According to one of my spiritual teachers, Guy Finley, there's a surefire way to shatter any addiction, break any bad habit…

Using a little-known but extremely powerful understanding. And he says that it makes no difference at all what habit you're trying to break.

Whether it's alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, overeating, harmful relationship patterns, overindulgence in sex, incessant anxiety, impulsive spending, insatiable ambition, fear of failure, chronic clutter, procrastination, literally anything at all.

Because no matter what condition you're facing, Guy says that there is one unthinkable solution that cannot fail if it is properly understood and diligently applied.

(of course as we all know, there is a difference between knowing an insight and applying it… therein lies the truth in all secrets of personal change)

Guy shares these insights in his very (VERY) low-priced program "Breaking Dependency: Learning to Let Go and Be Free From the Inside Out." Within it are some of the most revolutionary insights into addictions and bad habits you will ever discover.

Click the link below to learn more about his program:

CONTINUED: How to Shatter Any Addiction, Break Any Bad Habit >>

I'm going to give this program another listen. I already have it, and as with all of Guy's programs that I have (which is about half a dozen), I listen to them over and over… usually every few months. And especially on road trips — including when I visit his Life of Learning Foundation and spend time with him and his team in person.

AND, be sure to read the comic on that page…

I certainly recognized myself in it…

As well as my friend Tim who posed for all those photos. :)

Liberate Your Life TV: Episode 3 with Derek Rydall

Liberate Your Life TV: Episode 3 With Derek Rydall

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Liberate Your Life TV

Recently, I had the gift of interviewing a drug / alcohol addict who was suicidal…

And fortunately is not anymore. :)

(as you can see from his bright shining smiling face below!)

In fact, it was the darkest time of his life that created the conditions for his best and highest self to emerge.

His name is Derek Rydall, and his story is quite remarkable… as are some of the key insights and paradigms he shares.

Our interview went for just under an hour, and in it here's just a little bit of what we covered:

  • Key "mis-takes" about the Law of Attraction, and which Law will benefit you even MORE
  • What the "end of self improvement" is, and why you must understand this to get what you want out of life
  • The importance of embracing your shadow side and how this is absolutely fundamental to understanding your greatest strengths
  • How to use what you're MISSING in life as the key catalyst to get what you want
  • Why your past doesn't actually matter when it comes to having an amazing future… and what to do INSTEAD of "healing" your pain and issues

I hope you enjoy this new episode of Liberate Your Life TV – I sure did. :)

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