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The Green Butterfly Effect: 5 Environmentally Friendly Organizations Affecting Global Change -    As I have continued down my path of spiritual development, one thing that has become clear is how accountable I am for my own life and my impact in the world. Over time, I have found that I continue to resonate more and more with environmentally friendly practices and organizations, and I’m always keeping […]
It’s All Fun And Games Until Somebody Loses An I - Most likely while growing up, you heard the phrase, “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.” Parents often use this threat as a means to control their kids. Mind you, their intent is well-meaning to protect the child from getting hurt, but still, it is a control mechanism. Oftentimes we view control […]
Random Acts of Friendship, Oh and Facebook Has Officially Become A Verb - It’s amazing how many new friends I’ve made this week, simply by being open to new experiences. Earlier this week, on Monday, I was at Whole Foods when a man came up to me outside and asked for some change. I smiled and said, “I’ll get you on the way out.” That was my plan […]
Heaven Was Always Already Here - Since 1994, Collective Soul has been a band that has continued to connect with me and resonate during many changes both inwardly and outwardly in my life. When I was young and needed some inspiration, “Shine” was there on the radio…and when I bought the album and all my friends said, “Collective WHO?” Nobody I […]
But spiritual people don’t play poker! - A couple of years ago I was at a satsang with Adyashanti and somebody asked him what he does for enjoyment. His answer: “Sometimes I like to ride my motorcycle or play poker with my friends and take their money.” In that moment, I felt a lot less alone. For several years, I played poker […]
Why I Encourage My Son To Touch The Hot Stove -   When it comes to parenting, sometimes our desire to protect our children actually disables them from experiencing the world in a way that they learn what’s best for them. How many times do parents say “Don’t do that! That’s dangerous!” or some variation of that? These are perhaps the most common phrases among parents […]
The Heartline Affirmation -   In my previous message, I promised to share with you an affirmation I use every single day to help me experience more unconditional love in my life. I also shared some of the "lies" I've been working on around love that have prevented me from really experiencing a full heart. The reality is that […]
Revolutionary Health Videos from David Wolfe - In an effort to reach as many people as possible, David Wolfe is giving away some amazing video content about improving our health using a variety of unique and often unheard of approaches. This guy hasn’t been sick (not even a cold) in 15 years, and he’s at the bleeding edge of the Raw Foods […]
Notes from the Universe – Inspirational Daily Emails -   If you haven’t heard of Mike Dooley’s “Notes from the Universe,” yet – or you haven’t started receiving it in your email – then today you’re in for a treat. Every day, Mike writes a message from the “Universe” that is uplifting and inspiring. (for an example, watch the video at the end of […]
Spiritual Book Review: Wild Attraction -   On the surface, “Wild Attraction” looks like just another relationship manual. It could easily be mistaken for a “How To Have a Spiritual Relationship” book, and that’s what I thought before I started reading. The more I dug into the material though, the more I realized that the concepts presented turn our current view […]
Free Guided Meditation and Meditation Guide -   Recently I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, not just one, but two extremely generous people who are both involved with meditation and have websites online. Given my challenges with meditating (usually my ego would rather be doing more “productive” things than “sitting around” and “doing nothing”), I’ve found both of their resources to be […]
There Is No Single Answer, Just Pieces of the Puzzle -   If you’re receiving newsletter from messages from more than one person, then by now you’ve probably heard of “Mind Movies” and you’re likely thinking one of two things: a) This stuff is awesome! I can’t wait to make my own or… b) Would you shut up already about the doggon mind whatever-you-call-ems? 🙂 I’m […]
Championing Your Children to Develop High Self-Esteem -   I did not write this article – I got it via email Self Esteem Newsletter that I’m subscribed to. Studies show that high self-esteem is the #1 ingredient essential for developing happiness, fulfillment, rich relationships, and overall success in life. In the life of every child, usually sometime between birth and age 6, something […]
What’s Wrong With This Picture? - Tonight coming home from the park, my son (now 2 1/2) looked inside the window and saw his mom using the laptop. He says, “Mama, Mama, ‘puter.” When we got inside, I half-jokingly mentioned it was probably time to get him his own laptop. Okay, I wasn’t really joking… I was serious 😉 So I […]

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