The Swearing Arab And God's Message

The Swearing Arab And God’s Message

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One day the Prophet Mohammad was performing the morning prayer in the mosque. An Arab aspirant of Islam was among others praying with the Prophet.

Mohammad happened to recite a verse in the Koran about Pharaoh’s claim, “I am your true God.” Upon hearing this the Arab was seized with such wrath that he interrupted his prayer to shout:

“The son-of-a-bitch braggart!”

When the Prophet finished the prayer, his companions began to chide the Arab: “Not only is your prayer no good because you interrupted it with extraneous words, but you used dirty language in the presence of God’s Prophet.”

The Arab stood trembling with fear and embarrassment, whereupon Gabriel appeared and said to the Prophet:

“God sends you salaam and wishes that these people stop chastising this simple Arab; indeed his sincere curse moved me more than many a pious rosary prayer.”

– by Massud Farzan

The Gift We Give Ourselves

The Gift You Give Yourself

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"We teach that which we most need to learn." ~ David Bach

Some version of that quote has been used by leaders for as long as I can remember, and for good reason. While it's wonderful when we learn something new, the best way to integrate new knowledge and make it stick in our lives is to teach it.

This is because teaching challenges us to really understand what we're learning.

It challenges us to understand it with such clarity that we can effectively communicate it to others.

Teaching also exposes us to feedback from others, and that feedback is helpful (and sometimes even necessary) for us to understand something deeply enough to integrate it into our lives.

Those are just a few of the benefits you get by teaching something. Studies have shown that when you are first learning something, that if you teach it to somebody shortly thereafter, you'll remember what you learn more effectively and understand it more thoroughly.

In other words, teaching something you're learning makes you more successful.

In fact, some teaching methods ~ ironically ~ require students to immediately turn around and teach others what they learn.

The beauty of this approach is that it doesn't only deepen learning; it also creates more effective leaders in the world.

And it's no mystery that one of my favorite aspects of teaching is that it's a means by which I can work with you to co-create an increasingly more amazing world… one email, one video, one person, one step at a time.

So next time you want to learn a new skill…

Remember that one of the best things you can do is to do your best teaching it to somebody else.

And even if you don't want to "teach" it, at the very least, discuss it candidly with somebody else to explore your new knowledge more deeply.

That's because any process of sharing what you know with somebody else will help you immensely deepen your understanding.

And on the topic of teaching…

When my friend Christy asked me to share with you about her "How to Become A Life Coach" video series again, I agreed wholeheartedly.

(her joy can be very persuasive! hehe…)

Christy is a delightful person and teacher with what seems like an inexhaustible well of PASSION and excitement about how she helps people that it's rather "infectious" (in a good way!).

I am inspired to share the "infection." :)

If you want to know what I'm talking about, just watch these free videos from her – she's definitely vibrating positive energy!

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She'll teach you all of the basics on how to become a life coach so that you can figure out if it's something you also might want to do.

The thing is, this opportunity definitely is NOT for everybody, and Christy knows that. That's why she's giving away these complimentary videos to share with you what it takes to become a life coach, who it's good for, and also who it's not good for.

I had the chance to watch her videos last time she shared them and here's a few questions to think about BEFORE you watch her videos…

  • Do you want to realize your important personal, professional, and financial goals?
  • Do you want to create a business where you are paid abundantly for helping others achieve their life goals and visions?
  • Are you willing to commit to becoming a powerful leader so that you can inspire and empower others to achieve incredible success in their lives?

If you answered those questions and felt a flutter in your belly, warmth in your heart, or a tinge of excitement or adrenaline, then definitely watch Christy's complimentary video series…

If the information she's sharing is a good fit for you, it could change the rest of your life and the lives of those you care about.

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3 Red Flags That Your Money Flow Is Blocked

3 Red Flags That Your Money Flow Is Blocked

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"Are You Blocking Your Money Flow? Here are 3 Telltale Signs"
– Guest message from Natalie Ledwell

Did you know that by the time you're about six years old, your subconscious mind will
have already been imprinted with your most deeply held beliefs about who you are,
what you're worth and what you're capable of?

It's really quite incredible!

Before the age of six, our growing brains are just like sponges that absorb all of the
messages that we observe – good or bad – from our parents, teachers and caregivers.

After even just a little bit of repetition, these messages get stored in our subconscious
minds as beliefs on how the world works and our place in it.

After the age of about six though, our brains actually start filtering the information we
receive to only take in what makes sense for us. We continue to do this later in life…

But still, deep in our subconscious minds lie all of those beliefs we absorbed in
"toddlerdom." If these beliefs are negative ones, they can block us from reaching
our financial, relationship and fitness goals as adults, despite our best efforts to
achieve them!

Do you have a self-limiting belief about money?

If your parents regularly fought about money in front of you when you were little,
for example, you may harbor a subconscious self-limiting belief that "money causes
pain and suffering."

Today, this belief may cause you to repel money on a subconscious level in ways that
you may not even consciously realize!

If you aren't where you'd like to be financially, chances are you may have a self-limiting
belief around money. Here are three telltale signs:

Red flag #1: You avoid money matters altogether.

Maybe you don't pay attention to how much you're spending or how much you have
in your bank account. Rather than face the truth about your finances, you simply just
avoid them altogether.

Red flag #2: You are afraid of spending too much money.

Stockpiling your money in a savings account offers you a sense of safety, security or
relief from anxiety, even though that money could be better invested elsewhere.

The truth is, making more money (not saving more) is what will cause a real difference
to your financial situation. While it IS healthy to save money and minimize excessive
spending, you may never get rich just from saving.

Red flag #3: You compulsively buy things to make yourself feel better.

Instead of facing your true inner demons, you use shopping as a temporary solution to
make yourself feel better. This results in a vicious and expensive habit that can burn
through all your extra money without ever making you happy.

If any of these three red flags ring true for you, don't worry. :)  The good news is that
you absolutely can eliminate your self-limiting money beliefs…

And to help you do this and then reprogram your subconscious mind for effortless
success, abundance and prosperity, I highly recommend that you snap up a seat to
come and join me on one of my FREE online training workshops!

To find out more about exactly what we'll be covering (including a crazy awesome
 "NLP" guided visualization exercise!) and instantly download a complimentary life-enhancing e-Book on "How to Create Harmonious Win-Win Situations" just click the link below.

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To unblocking your money flow,

I hope you enjoyed this guest message from Natalie Ledwell!

I've known her for a few years now, and she's always looking for ways to help people get past their limitations and step into their best selves. I've attended her e-Class before, and I continue to get great feedback from people who thank me for recommending it to them.

She's also a bestselling author and speaker, and the host of a very popular online TV show called "The Inpsiration Show" that I recommend subscribing to (it's free).

Pathetic... Or Prophetic?

Pathetic… or Prophetic?

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A few months ago I was at Rev. Michael Beckwith's spiritual center, Agape, and he let a great talk about the conversations we have.

He oversimplified it to this…

Are your conversations pathetic or prophetic?

Not just the conversations with others. That's just one piece of it. Even more importantly, the conversations we have with ourselves.

I love that. It's just so simple. Am I supporting my dreams, wishes and potential? Or am I speaking in a way that withers them down and atrophies them… killing them?

Michael Beckwith went on to give some brilliant examples, such as being asked a simple question like:

Friend #1: "Are you going to the retreat in July?"

Friend #2: "No. I don't have enough money."

Michael Beckwith's reply?

"That's a PATHETIC answer. You don't know if you won't have enough money because it hasn't happened yet. So don't already assume you won't!"

He encourages us to find positive ways to answer even the most difficult questions. Positivity isn't enough though. We're actually LYING when we say we don't have enough money for a future event. So he's enouraging us to tell the truth of our *immediate* present situation… which could be…

"I'm intending to go and looking into what possibilities would support that."

I love that. He really reminds me to live in the present moment and be VERY conscious of the language I use — because the words I use indicate my state of mind.

This is one reason my personal body of work revolves around topics like overcoming fears, writing clear and effective affirmations, and overcoming our Inner Critics.

It's also why I'm passionate about sharing PROPHETIC resources. Ones which say "Whatever used to be pathetic in your life… we can make it prophetic."

For example, recently I shared with you a quiz from Natalie Ledwell about which "pathetic" mindset is holding us back from living a prophetically successful life.

Many people found that quiz quite valuable, yet still felt discouraged when they noticed  some of these common limiting beliefs running through their heads like:

  1. There is not enough money to go around.
  2. It takes money to make money.
  3. It's greedy for me to want more.
  4. If I become wealthy people will hate me.
  5. I'm not worthy.

Or any number of variations (both subtle as well as more aggressive / mean). :(

If any of those thoughts sound familiar, you'll want to check out Natalie's upcoming e-Class:

** RSVP For Your FREE Belief-Busting e-Class **

Here's a few things she'll cover:

  • What self-limiting beliefs are, where they come from and how they take root in your subconscious mind
  • How self-limiting beliefs may have been sabotaging your income, business, career, relationships and even your body shape for years – without you even consciously realizing it
  • Then she'll then take you through a very specific exercise that will uncover your #1 most debilitating self-limiting belief (which may have been blocking your success for decades – and the process is uniquely different than the quiz I sent you the other day)
  • And she'll guide you through her Subconscious Success Imprint Exercise

If you've attended one of Natalie's previous webinars, you know she delivers really good content (like I've outlined above) for about an hour. Then at the end invites people to take the "next steps" with her in a more in-depth training course.

I've watched a replay of her webinar and can say, without a doubt, it's excellent content.

RSVP Today For Free

She also helped answer and clarify a question I've had for years:

Why are kids so impressionable? Why do their brains just soak up knowledge (and sadly limiting beliefs) like a sponge?

The answer is in the science of our brains.

It's not just some airy-fairy idea that "seems true" but nobody can verify. It turns out there's actual science as to the nature of children's brains (under the age of about 6) that is fundamentally *different* from everybody elses' brains.

Powerful stuff.

Click Here And Register For Your Free Belief-Busting e-Class

I hope you invest a few minutes of your time to register for and attend her e-Class.  After you register, she'll also give you her "How To Create Harmonious Win-Win Situations" eBook.

What she shares in this free training class is definitely one of the "missing ingredients" to shift our conversations from pathetic to prophetic.

Your Partner In Creating A Prophetic Life,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

P.S. Making these kinds of shifts has been profound…

Not just for me. Also for my loved ones, my friends, and you. Part of the reason I do what I do every day is because I am passionate about helping shift our WORLD'S conversations from pathetic to prophetic.

Just imagine if our world's leaders…

In business, politics, health, non-profit / NGO, athletics, education and more…

Shifted their conversations from pathetic to prophetic?

An then after you're done imagining, choose to become one of those people. :)

P.P.S. Here's what a few people have said after atttending this webinar…

"Was at the webinar tonight and already have 2 new potential clients less than 2 hours after the meditatiom fabulous thank you so much x" – Jane Heron

"A lot of useful information… and a marvelous exercise… Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" – Olga Rodriguez

"Very good! I was in tears at the point I realized what has been holding me back! Thank you Natalie!" – Joanne Douglas

"I'm a licensed psychotherapist, and I've utilized many success oriented on line seminars. This is by far the best because it works on changing unconscious limiting beliefs that sabotage our best efforts at success. I already feel more empowered and successful. Knowing what to do is not the only element in becoming successful. Thank you for addressing the need to reprogram limiting unconscious beliefs." – Carri Nash

3 Simple Steps to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

3 Simple Steps to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. It's sad, but true…

Even when we think we're doing all the right things, our subconscious can sneak out and undo some of our best plans.

As a result, if we don't first get control of our deeply-rooted urges and addictions to past behaviors, creating our dreams can be a lot like trying to control a bull in a china shop.

Not an easy task, right?

So if you feel like you've been sabotaging your own success, and can't quite figure out exactly why or how it's happening, try these 3 simple steps for building a pen for the bull that might be living in your subconscious mind.

Step 1 – Identify the bull in the herd

Our subconscious is a wonderful place full of ideas, instincts and intuition. These inherent traits make up who we are and how we act. For the most part, they are prized attributes.

But, if your subconscious is sabotaging you, it needs to be wrangled in.

  • Spend some time in meditation focusing on what you DO want.
  • Then, move to the things you already do that can help you achieve those goals.
  • And lastly, try to identify the habits that are keeping you from success…

If you're having a hard time identifying your bull or perhaps figuring out which is your dominant bull in the herd (I suggest dealing with one 'bull' – or your biggest obstacle – at a time)…

Click Here To Find Out What Your Most 'Dominant Bull' Is

Then, once you've identified the bull that's keeping you from reaching success, try to…

Step 2 – Separate the bull from the herd

You should never look a bull in the eyes, nor should we stare down our own inner struggles. Giving focused attention to your obstacle can increase the tension and allow your bull to go wild.

Instead, try to find the root cause.

Some people spend time toiling on the internet or watching TV, but focusing on watching TV won't change the way you feel or act. Rather, identify the main reason you're experiencing the problem. Why is it that you feel frustrated, unhappy or anxious? What is the real, 'deep down' reason that's causing you dissatisfaction?

Once you have identified the obstacle (and separated the bull from the herd) next…

Step 3 – Use the bull to grow the herd

After identifying the obstacle, you have a chance to embrace it and use it to your advantage.

You simply need to find a way to meet the needs of your bull-ish urges, while not detracting from your main goals.

Many of us have a need for nearly constant stimulation. I like to listen to music (rather than watching TV for example) while doing other things to provide that stimulus without completely distracting me from the task at hand.

Whatever you see as being your biggest obstacle, you can always get to a point where it can be neutralized, or even better, used to your advantage.

The best way to get started is to practice visualizing yourself in the life you want, with clear intention and emotion.

And to help you do that, first figure out what your #1 "Success Blocker" is, so you can more easily attract all of the things that matter to you the most.

What are you waiting for?

Get Started Now :)

To unblocking your success,

I hope you enjoyed this guest message from Natalie Ledwell!

I've known her for a few years now, and she's always looking for ways to help people get past their limitations and step into their best selves.

She's also a bestselling author and speaker, and the host of a very popular online TV show called "The Inpsiration Show" that I recommend subscribing to (it's free).

Talk to you soon, and I wish for you a wonderful day!

Mother Teresa - Remember The Small Things

Mother Teresa – Remember The Small Things

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

;Don't you light your lamp? Don't you ever use it?"

He answered, "No. No one comes to see me. I have no need to light it. Who would I light it for?"

I asked, "Would you light it every night if the sisters came?"

He replied, "Of course."

From that day on the sisters committed themselves to visiting him every evening. We cleaned the lamp, and the sisters would light it every evening.

Two years passed. I had completely forgotten that man.

He sent this message:

"Tell my friend that the light she lit in my life continues to shine still."

I thought it was a very small thing. We often neglect small things.

Teresa (via Chris Cade)

Okay, Chris here now… :)

Whether we're consciously aware of this or not, like Mother Teresa we are all here to make a difference in the world.

And because we all have different talents and experiences, there are different ways in which our experience manifests as support and help for others in the world.
For some people, being an incredible mother or father fulfills that purpose. For others, being a salesperson of a great product fulfills them knowing they've helped another person meet their needs or desires. Others like Mother Teresa love be on the streets working with the homeless. Another might be leading a team of software programmers, and another might be solely focused on raising funds for non-profits.

Those are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless.

In the case of blending personal development and entrepreneurship, there's a LOT of different ways that you can serve others. It can be creating products and programs, writing blogs or books, interviewing people or being interviewed, personal coaching, group coaching, leading workshops and seminars, creating membership programs, and even more that I didn't list.

Whatever your particular contribution is to the world, there are ways in which your unique personality, experience, and talents can do that most effectively, efficiently, AND joyfully. :)

Most of the time, I focus on writing emails and creating learning programs and audios. I feel the best way that my natural talents and strengths make the greatest difference is by reaching a lot of people at once. This is one reason why I choose to work with so few personal coaching clients.

What works for me doesn't work for everybody though. Some people are MEANT to work more one-on-one. For them, the one-on-one coaching session is so hugely fulfilling that they can't imagine doing anything else except coaching.

But how do you know if there's a "coach" inside of you?

You can recognize this talent in yourself if people…

  1. Naturally gravitate towards you for a shoulder to lean on
  2. You're frequently asked to help people resolve challenges in their lives
  3. If people (even acquaintances or strangers) say you're "so easy to talk to," or "you should be a counselor"
  4. They thank you just for sitting and being (or talking) with them.
  5. And especially if inside your heart, you just KNOW you're meant to work with people at a deeply personal and profound level

Then those might be clues that you should investigate being a life coach. And if those clues happen to resonate with you, then I strongly recommend you check out my friend Christy Whitman's free "How to Be a Life Coach" video series.

Find Out If Becoming A Life Coach Is Right For You

Here's just some of what you'll learn in this complimentary video series:

  • What coaching IS, and what it IS NOT.
  • How coaching is different from being a supportive friend, a therapist, or a psychiatrist.
  • How to determine whether or not you'll be a good coach.
  • Exactly how to coach someone effectively.
  • And most importantly, how to market your services and get paying clients.

One thing (of many) that I appreciate about Christy is that she KNOWS that not everybody is meant to be a coach. That's why her series is all about helping you decide if becoming a coach could be a fulfilling path for you.

Being a life coach is certainly profitable. I pay my coaches between $90 and $240 per hour depending on their particular specialty. In the rare times I take on a coaching client, my rates are between $150 and $200 (depending on how many sessions a person books at once).

So it's really not a question of whether or not you can make a living doing this. Being a coach can be VERY financially rewarding. 

It's really just about whether or not this is a fulfilling way for you to personally impact the world.

Watch Your Free Life Coaching Videos Now

Concentration - A Zen Story About Success


Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

After winning several archery contests, the young and rather boastful champion challenged a Zen master who was renowned for his skill as an archer. The young man demonstrated remarkable technical proficiency when he hit a distant bull’s eye on his first try, and then split that arrow with his second shot. “There,” he said to the old man, “see if you can match that!”

Undisturbed, the master did not draw his bow, but rather motioned for the young archer to follow him up the mountain. Curious about the old fellow’s intentions, the champion followed him high into the mountain until they reached a deep chasm spanned by a rather flimsy and shaky log.

Calmly stepping out onto the middle of the unsteady and certainly perilous bridge, the old master picked a far away tree as a target, drew his bow, and fired a clean, direct hit. “Now it is your turn,” he said as he gracefully stepped back onto the safe ground.

Staring with terror into the seemingly bottomless and beckoning abyss, the young man could not force himself to step out onto the log, no less shoot at a target.

“You have much skill with your bow,” the master said, sensing his challenger’s predicament…

“But you have little skill with the mind that lets loose the shot.”

Don't You Discourage An Ego Driven Life?

Do I Discourage An Ego-Driven Life?

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

A little while back on Facebook, I posted the following quote:

"Ignore people who tell you you can't or try to discourage you." – Jeffrey Gitomer

As with any quote or thought, it's always interpreted through the lens of the person reading it. In this case, one person replied and asked, "Don't you discourage an ego-driven life?"

This is an interesting response to the quote. And, it reveals a common misperception in spiritual circles: That the ego must be eliminated, annihilated, gotten rid of, rejected, or feared. It also suggests that it's bad to have an ego, and that when we are identified with or doing what our ego says, we're somehow not being spiritual.

That's all bullshit. Specifically, it's bullshit that our egos are telling us to keep us from living happier, more free, abundant lives. As long as we believe that we must reject any aspect of ourselves (including ego), we are rejecting the infinite possibilities for an amazing life.

Circling back to the original question…

I don't discourage an ego-driven life. To do that is to impose judgment on the way that billions of people live – including myself at many times.

While we are perfect in our Divine nature, each of us is here to experience being human in all its aspects and forms, including ego.

Therefore, I encourage people to be curious about how their egos are impacting their overall quality of life…


Those people are interested in such things.

For those of us who are not interested in understanding our egos and being able to consciously choose our experience, there is no sense in encouraging something that has no relevance to reality in that moment.

In other words, when our egos ARE running the show in our lives we have a choice to make:

Do I want to continue listening to and acting upon what my ego tells me? Or do I want to see what's true (or false) about my ego's perspectives right now, and then make a choice about how I want to move forward?

It's easy to judge ourselves when we are obviously coming from the fixated and pre-conditioned lens of our ego. Rather than judgment though, let's just accept that it happens to almost all of us at some point – often at several points throughout every day – and we can simple choose to be curious.

Curiosity is key. It's what gives us the CHOICE as to whether or not to identify with and listen to our egos, or to make different choices.

Just to be clear…

Just because our ego is telling us to do something doesn't mean it's ineffective, suboptimal, bad, or "un-spiritual" to do what it's saying.

The ego is just one particular lens through which we view the world. When we develop the self-awareness to see ego for what it is, we have an opportunity to decide when and how we want to use that lens in our lives. Or if we even want to at all…

And at least then, we know it's a choice. :)

Image source:


Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

In 1954, an eccentric neuroscientist with a penchant for psychedelia began obsessing over a question that would soon send indignant shockwaves across the scientific community:

“What happens to a person’s state of mind, when the environmental stimuli that normally keep it engaged are suddenly cut off?”

John C. Lilly’s initial experiments were controversial. He would fit test subjects in skintight face masks, and seal them up in a water-filled sensory deprivation tank just big enough to fit their bodies.

His subjects would spend hours floating in these sensory vacuums, being forced to confront, for the first time in their lives, unfiltered thoughts and undiluted subconscious impulses. The kind that under normal circumstances would be colored by the incessant sights, sounds, tastes and smells of their surroundings.

The outcomes ranged from predictable to completely unexpected. Some people reported an intense fear of drowning and loss of control. Others experienced a profound sense of detachment from their egos, and oneness with the water surrounding their bodies. Others still recounted vivid visuals and hallucinations.

But what the experimenter himself began experiencing was even stranger…

Lilly soon developed a habit of taking psychedelic drugs before immersing himself in his tanks. And before long he was reaching out to his peers and the media, swearing to them that he was:

  • Breaching higher states of human consciousness during his sessions…

  • Communicating with dead people…
  • Connecting with an extraterrestrial network, called Earth Coincidence Control Office (ECCO)…
  • And even curing himself of a lifelong migraine affliction.

Had Lilly stumbled on a hidden dimension of the human experience… or was he himself hallucinating?

Before you speculate, and before I tell you what I think, let’s consider the man’s credentials. Lilly was a respected pioneer in the field of electronic brain stimulation. And he was the first person to map the brain’s pain and pleasure pathways.

There had to be some truth to what was going on, right?

Hollywood was expectedly intrigued, and responded with a schlocky sci-fi movie inspired by Lilly’s accounts. But without the scientific community’s help, nobody could really say what was really going on in the darkness of these tanks.

Back in the late ’70s, a researcher named Peter Suedfeld was one of the few scientists who decided to investigate Lilly’s claims in the context of real-world therapeutic benefits.

(image source:

What he found was that tank sessions were capable of treating autonomic nervous system problems like high blood pressure, chronic pain, and motion disorders.

When he began experimenting on athletes and artists, he noted improved performance and enhanced creativity in each.

And a more recent study involving 140 people even reveals how tank sessions can even alleviate chronic stress-related ailments.

The numbers are impressive. A majority of long-term fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety sufferers reported feeling significantly better after 12 treatments. 56 percent of pain and chronic stress sufferers experienced clear improvement in just 7 weeks. 23 percent reported the additional benefit of better sleep. And the positive effects persisted, even 4 months after the sessions ended.

How feasible would it be for you to enjoy these benefits?

More and more wellness centers today are offering floatation tank sessions. And you’ll be glad to know there is no longer a need for uncomfortable masks or eccentric scientists keeping tabs on your brainwaves. Modern-day tank operators even treat the water with Epsom salt, so you stay buoyant without worrying about sinking or drowning.

And if you can afford one, you can get a private tank installed in your home. Just like Robin Williams, Yoko Ono and Joe Rogan.

But wait a second…

Stress relief? Relaxation? Creativity? Healing? Is it just me, or do these ‘side effects’ sound identical to the benefits you get from other established mind-body practices… like meditation or brainwave entrainment?

Bear with me, because I believe there’s a fascinating reason for that. A phenomenon that empowers you to connect with your highest self… and even bend reality itself to your will. And it’s all got to do with what floatation tanks really do to your mind…

Up to this point we’ve been dealing in facts and figures. But now I invite you to indulge in some logical speculation with me.

You see, a few decades ago, Albert Einstein brought forth the idea of a ‘Unified Field Theory’ that perfectly represents every layer of reality, every force of nature and every universal law under one all-encompassing formula.

Einstein died before he could complete this theory. But since then, numerous quantum physicists and consciousness researchers have conducted studies in this field, many focusing on how the Unified Field Theory can successfully merge the rules of science… with the infinite, spiritual nature of the human experience.

One particularly renowned quantum physicist has a fascinating perspective on this ‘Unified Field’, which shows us how it connects to human consciousness… and how it may explain the truth about curiosities like floatation tanks.

Quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, on what really happens when you ‘dive within’…

“Physics has discovered something beyond matter, something non-material, because the material world really stops at about the atomic level… We’ve left matter behind in physics. We’re now about the study of intelligence…

Our true Self is our deep inner Self, field of consciousness, field of subjectivity… That pure consciousness within is the unified field…

In effective meditation, that takes you all the way to that level of universal consciousness, and you experience the universal, unbounded nature of consciousness, our universal Self and you experience the emergence of individual mind, individual self, individual thoughts and body from that universality.

So modern science is in a position to say, “Yes, that’s true, that’s how it works.” But long before the superstring, the ancient sciences of consciousness and the deep philosophical and spiritual traditions of the world have talked about the fundamental unity of life, and have even given specific techniques of meditation that actually take the awareness so deeply within, that our inner universal silent Self is opened to direct experience.”

Got that? Good. Now here’s my theory…

Whether you’re dunking yourself in a floatation tank, or closing your eyes and meditating, or visualizing, or listening to a brainwave entrainment audio, or doing pretty much anything that connects you to a source of power beyond your conscious mind…

Then what you’re really doing is connecting to the Unified Field.

This would explain why these tanks boost creativity and intuition. It’s because you’re tapping into an infinite source of the stuff, and taking it back into your waking life. And for that same reason, it also explains the rush of epiphanies and stillness, and even the instances of physical and mental healing.

I like to call this phenomenon ‘Reality Hacking’. I’ve spent the past two decades exploring how to do it, and let me tell you: jumping into a water-filled tank is just one of many weird and wonderful ways to venture beyond the confines of your conscious existence… and shift into the boundless space of who (and what) you really are.

Some of the other ways I’ve uncovered over the years include: staring into ancient ‘manifestation’ symbols constructed with sacred geometry, lucid dreaming, chanting, harnessing planetary frequencies, and even channeling your sexual energy into different areas of your life.

It you’re intrigued, then I invite you to watch my free ‘Reality Hacking’ webinar. In it, I’ll share with you more of what I’ve uncovered, a unique guided meditation, and you’ll also get free emails, articles, and more to help you activate your superhuman powers.

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Floatation tanks are optional :)

Let’s take a dive together,

I hope you enjoyed this guest message from Amish!

I personally have done floatation / sensory deprivation tanks multiple times over the last half decade and always loved it. The experience truly is unique, and I encourage you to search for a float center near you and give it a try. :)

On that note, I’ve kept meaning to get back to it as a regular practice. And between a recent center opening near me, a friend falling in love with floating, and Amish’s article this is one practice I’m going to start doing regularly again.

In fact, I just messaged my friend so we can get together for lunch and schedule our floats together… :)

Your Partner In Sensory Deprivation and Floating,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

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Wisdom 2.0

Wisdom 2.0 – Why Pay To Go When It’s Free?

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Spiritual Development

Yesterday I returned from spending several days at the sold out Wisdom 2.0 Conference…

It's a place where high-profile speakers from technology, politics, parenting, business, and more come together to discuss how we can integrate the deepest wisdom teachings of Presence, compassion, and mindfulness with all aspects of life.

(it originally was just about wisdom and technology)

People like the President of Rwanda – Paul Kagame…

(sharing how his greatest inspiration came from his difficult life)

Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio…

(where I'm sure you can imagine meditation is NOT a mainstream idea)

Eckhart Tolle walking us through a living meditation…

(And showing us how to take a "selfie…")

Singer Alanis Morisette sharing about conscious communication…

(and how becoming famous amplified all her pain and problems that she was trying to run away from –AND– Presence was what "saved" her)

One of the most powerful and wealthy women in the world, Arianna Huffington, sharing vulnerably about her worst moment as a parent…

(and how waking up in a pool of her own blood was the catalyst for her to explore meditation and deeply value Presence)

Vice presidents and CEOs of companies like Facebook, Twitter, Zappo's and more…

(All looking for ways to make their social networks, software, and companies more compassionate and mindful)
Almost every one of the speakers was asking and answering these seemingly simple questions from their own perspectives and life experiences:

How can we be more Present and mindful?

How will we use our experience, positions, and resources to bring mindfulness and Presence into the world?

How can we balance the distractions and challenges of technology with the opportunities it has to directly support us in being more Present and experiencing our most authentic innermost selves?

What's most interesting about this conference is that all of the sessions are livestreamed for free.

Yes, you can go watch all the replays on their website right now and see everything I saw and paid for.

Which of course begs the ultimate question:

If it's all free, why show up at all?

Almost everybody I talked to asked me the same simple question: "So why are you here?"

My response was simple:

"Great question! I am here because I trust that the Divine will show me the answer to the question: Why I am here?"

In other words, I didn't attend for the content. I can get that for free. You can too, and I recommend you check out the replay videos.

(With Congress at an all-time low approval rate of 4%, I especially encourage you to watch Congressman Tim Ryan's speech.)

I attended the conference because I felt deep down that there were experiences (inner and outer) to be had and connections to be made that couldn't come any other way…

Any other way than for me to be Present with and within a community of like-hearted people coming together with common vision and the capacity to support one anothers' experiences safely and authentically.
That was no more evident than the simple fact that everybody was approachable. The best introduction was "Hi, I'm Chris" and to start talking with random people…

To sit down at a table and trust that exactly the right person would sit down with me, and that the Divine would show us why we came together…

To walk into a party where I know nobody and walk away with several new friends…

Knowing that the most common answer to that question is not what other people can do for me, but rather, experiencing how I am there to serve those beautiful people who shared moments with me…

And to enjoy a sponaneous in-the-hallway small group meditation (a new technique to me) with one of the world's most influential spirituality and consciousness technology venture capitalists.

(who may very well love Presence even more than I do!)

While some people went there to get the content or lots of new clients, I wasn't trying to promote my work or hand out business cards. I wasn’t trying to get anything from anybody.

I was simply there to show up, see what the Divine would have in store for me, have a good time, and know that everything was exactly as it was supposed to be. No more. No less.

Only magic and miracles with the mystery. :)

Your Partner In Love and Wisdom,

P.S. One definitive 'answer' I left with was the knowing that one day the Divine will have me speak at this conference…

Which naturally invites a new question that I will let hang in Presence…

When I speak at Wisdom 2.0, what will I speak about?

I don't know and I don't care. :)

When it's time for the conference coordinators to invite me to speak, whether it’s a day from now or a decade, I trust the Divine will show us the answer to that question…

"Why am I here?"

P.P.S. If you think that all of what I shared is about me and this conference…

Read between the lines…

Because you are just like every person in the story I just shared. :)

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