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500 Words of Wisdom To Summarize What I’ve Learned In Life - Recently I was asked if I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I’ve learned so far in life, these are the important things I’d want to pass along to others. Here was my reply… “My purpose is to use insight, compassion, and the rapid embodiment of wisdom to enable millions of people […]
I Paid People To Clean Their Toilets - There are some experiences in your life that will stand out head-and-shoulders among the rest. 2012 definitely had one of them for me… I was at a retreat for the spiritual school I studied with, and one of our exercises is called “Life Practice.” It’s where we practice doing normal everyday activities. I say “practice,” […]
Thinking About The Future? Better Think Twice. - It can be really easy to get caught up in an outcome-oriented mindset. I see it happening to me all the time, even when I'm looking out for it. It shows up in several ways: Living up to other peoples' expectations of you Living up to your expectations of yourself Wanting something you don't have […]
The Risks Of Changing Your Life - One of the deep subconscious blocks we have to transforming our lives is the risk of the unknown. Specifically, the unknown risk that it’ll turn our lives upside-down. That’s because any changes we make within ourselves affects all of our closest personal relationships, and especially intimate relationships. For example, a few years into my spiritual […]
What Goes Around… Comes Around… - A while back, my son and I were walking to the beach and I felt inspired to do something a little different than we usually do. I grabbed his sidewalk chalk and brought it with us. Every block or so, I’d pause and write a thoughtful, caring, or inspiring message on the ground. For example… […]
Feeling Joy And Oneness - A couple of months ago, I took my son to a local amusement park where he was having an absolute blast playing in the water. All around were parents and their kids, and I noticed something interesting: while all of the kids were in a space of pure joy and delight, many of the parents […]
My Intense Hatred of Bees… And How I Learned To Love Them - I grew up with an intense hatred of bees. Whenever they stung me, I would get a large welt.  As soon as a bee came near, I'd panic… I'd try and swat it away… I'd run… I'd jump in a pool… Whatever it took to avoid being stung, I'd do it. I even remember one […]
Are You Sick And Tired Of “Tolerating” People? - A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you Guy Finley's story "The Devil's Plan for Destruction" and some of my initial thoughts on that story about "tolerance." If you haven't yet read that, click here and read it first so that the rest of this conversation makes sense.      In a nutshell, I […]
“My Precious” - In my last blog post (“The Death of My Butterfly“), hopefully you took a moment to read the last couple of lines. It wasn’t some “by the way” comment, but rather, a carefully planted seed with the potential for profoundly deep insight. The question it asks is this: What if “my” was not an indicator […]
The 8 Qualities Of A Heartful Man -    Recently I shared with you some of the challenges that women often live with… the difference between what they want and what they settle for. Most of it is due to societal conditioning that often strips women of their power, diminishes their dreams, and encourages a false sense of outer beauty. And just like […]
A Spiritual Perspective On ‘A Reason, A Season, Or A Lifetime’ -   Below is a slightly modified passage which has always resonated with me because it illustrates the significance of understanding and accepting that people come into our lives for different purposes and for differing amounts of time. When we become still and tune into our intuition, we gain insight into the nature of those reasons […]
These Pictures Will Crack You Up! <-- Pass Them On :) - Over the years, I’ve come across a few cartoons and pictures that really bring to light the humor of personal transformation. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorites. Be sure to “Turn On Images” in your email reader so you can see all of them. Enjoy them, and then pass these on to your […]
The LIE About Positive Thinking - You’ve heard it all before… “Think more positively and you’ll get what you want. Visualize, affirm, and manifestation will happen effortlessly. Oh and be sure to overcome those pesky limiting beliefs! Affirmations, gratitude, and positive thinking will cover that one for you. Life is easy if you just think positively enough!” I have one word […]
The Law of Attraction Hoax -    For a while, I’ve been wanting to “get this out of my system.” As such, this article may sound a bit like a “rant” and may jar a few peoples’ nerves. On one hand, my intention is not to cause any discontent; on the other hand, if it causes discontent then I’m grateful I’ve […]

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