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About Chris Cade…

"Meaningful application to everything I had been learning"

Farhana Dhalla "For about 2 years prior to ever making contact with you Chris, I devoured your writing... because it was the first time I could see meaningful application to everything i had been learning from 'The Greats'.

You see everything about you is True... it is your single most sexy feature. Everything that you espouse has REAL application. That is why your work is so effective and we are affected.

Thank you for being you and delivering you to us. I love you."

—Farhana Dhalla
Speaker, Entrepeneur, Coach
and Author of the #1 Best-Seller 'Thank You For Leaving Me'

"Incredible Gifts"

Jim Kwik "I am a fan of Chris Cade, not only for the incredible gifts he shares with the world, but also for the manner in which he shares them. His life and work serve as a shining example of the amazing possibilities realized when we liberate ourselves from limitations and live our true story"

—Jim Kwik
Author, Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Memory Expert

"He Makes You Smile, He Makes You Think"

Brian Vaszily "I have been deeply moved and shifted by Chris' work. Chris writes in a wonderful entertaining style. His material is very accessible. He makes you smile, he makes you think, and it goes deep."

—Brian Vaszily,
author of "The 9 Intense Experiences"

"Chris Really Makes a Change in People's Lives"

Christopher Westra "Chris spends time – sometimes months and years – working deeply on products that will really make a change in the lives of his customers. He explores life from different perspectives and is very willing to consider ideas different from what he is used to. If you want to break through any perceived limitations you have, and abolish your fears of real change, go to and sign up for his free Self Empowerment Guidebook. (Click here to read more.)"

"He speaks his truth and lives his words"

Jaime Mintun "After working with most of the major names in self-help and spirituality, Chris Cade continues to stand out for me as one of the most authentic, gorgeous, deeply inspiring hearts, minds and souls to grace us on this journey through life and learning.

If you haven't heard of him yet, it's because he's so engrossed in serving others. If you have heard of him, it is likely from someone deeply and personally touched by his transformative approach to life.

He speaks his truth and lives his words. He can help you do the same."

—Jaime Mintun
Women's Transformation Expert & Launch Copywriter

"He is loving, generous, and open"

Cyndi Krupp "I grab every opportunity I can to work with Chris Cade and his programs - and I am never disappointed. Chris Cade has immersed himself fully in discovering his true self - and from his personal self discovery processes he has created programs that help us touch pieces of ourselves that may otherwise have remained hidden forever.

It is my blessing to consider Chris a friend. In every interaction he is loving, generous, and open. He looks at the challenges in his own life as opportunities to grow - both personally and as a way to help others. His stories often make me smile, and his questions always make me pause and reflect.

Though his work has been and will continue to affect 1000s, I believe it is the individual stories that motivate Chris to keep stretching and creating and offering programs that allow all who are ready to grow.

Put simply

Chris cares...."

—Cyndi Krupp

Liberate Your Life: The "Inner Critic Recovery Program" created by personal transformational teacher, Chris Cade. During this 6-week course you will discover how to transmute the negative subconscious memories, stories and experiences that are currently dictating your life, your beliefs and your view of the world. Each week you receive a new lesson and subconscious discovery exercises to complete. These unique exercises replace the limiting thought patterns of your Inner Critic with positive mindsets and habits that allow you to live directly from your innermost being.Click here for more details about the program or click here to become a member and receive instant access to lesson one.

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