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Chris Cade
Chris Cade on the Spiritual Cinema Circle set with Hollywood movie producer, Stephen Simon
Chris Cade has been interviewed by dozens of speakers, authors, and leaders. People such as Janet Bray Attwood, Jennifer McLean, Kathleen Gage, Rich German, and Christian Pankhurst. Chris has also appeared on the Spiritual Cinema Circle set with Hollywood movie producer, Stephen Simon.

Because many interviewers ask the same questions, below are just the highlights from Chris' interviews. This way you don't have to repeatedly listen to the same answers just to find the nuggets of gold. More interview highlights are being added regularly.

Healing With The Masters

Jennifer McLean Interviews Chris Cade

Jennifer McLean "You talk about the 'Wandering Butterfly Effect.' Can you tell us a little bit about what that is?"

"How can we get that moment of courage to jump? Where does that come from?"

Jennifer McLean is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and creator of the world-renowned "Healing With the Masters" teleseminar series. You can learn more about Jennifer's series at Healing-With-The-Masters.com

How The Entrepreneurial Eagle
Escaped The Corporate Cage

Janet Bray Attwood Interviews Chris Cade

Janet Attwood "You say that every job you've had – Hitachi Data Systems, Adobe Systems, several dot-coms – have given you the skills to do what you're doing now. What do you mean by that?"

"Life has taken you to a lot of amazing places, from the corporate world to a spiritual life, a new partnership with your ex-wife, an incredible young son and you seem to have a great degree of trust in your life process. Can you share how you do that?"

Janet is the co-author of the New York Times Best-Seller, "The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose." You can learn more about Janet at her website ThePassionTest.com

Manifest Everything Now

Kristen Howe Interviews Chris Cade

Kristen Howe "Do you have any recommendations for daily practices we can use to accelerate our manifesting results?"

Chris shares the 5-letter word that brings abundance to you.

Kristen Howe is a law of attraction coach, entrepreneur, actress, world traveler, and host of the popular interview series "Manifest Everything Now."

The Promise Of A Lifetime

Matthew Cossolotto Interviews Chris Cade

Matthew Cossolotto "The key message is there's a real unique power in making a promise in life. What's your promise, Chris?"

Matthew Cossolotto is a speaker, author, and founder of "Make A Promise Day." His mission is to spread the power of making a promise to millions of people around the world, and you can learn more about him at MakeAPromiseDay.com

How Do We Become Free?

Ana Maria Vasquez Interviews Chris Cade

Ana Maria Vasquez "What's going on in our brain when we know what's going on and what's best, but we don't do it?"

Chris talks about the difference between the ego and the Inner Critic.

Chris shares what he believes is the real challenge on the path of spiritual development.

Ana Maria is described as an insightful & funny teacher, facilitator, and Intention Jedi! She is also the creator of the "Here We Grow Again" webinar series. Ana Maria helps you see how everything is energy, and how the energy in your current circumstances can uncover limiting beliefs keeping you stuck. You can learn more at IntentionTraining.com

Handling Difficult Emotions

Jim Katsoulis Interviews Chris Cade

Jim Katsoulis "Do you find that you're able to get in and out of negative emotions and into positive emotions easier?"

Jim Katsoulis is a certified Master Hypnotist, certified Master NLP Practitioner, certified Yoga Instructor, and a Level II Reiki practitioner. One of his greatest joys is helping people recapture their sense of excitement, passion, and grattude." You can learn more about Jim at his website JimKatsoulis.com

What Is Real Compassion?

Nancy Battye Interviews Chris Cade

Nancy Battye "Is there a part of us that decides how we warrant an act of compassion?"

"Do you think there can be a negative connotation to kindness?"

Nancy is a popular teleseminar host whose passion is to ignite the spark within others to connect with their deeper true self and bring their light and purpose to the world. You can learn more about Nancy at her website NancyBattye.com

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Regina Norlinde Interviews Chris Cade

Regina Norlinde "How can somebody know which steps will take them closer to their goals and which ones will take them further away?"

Chris shares why when we forgive others, the person we're really forgiving is ourselves.

How did you get to that point where instead of blaming somebody else, you looked inside yourself?

Regina Norlinde is an mpowerment Psychic Medium, author of "Embrace Your Uniqueness", Spiritual Teacher, Radio & TV Producer and Host You can learn more about her at ReginaNorlinde.com

Discovering the Truth of Who You Really Are

Jennifer Hadley Interviews Chris Cade

Jennifer Hadley "Do you think there's a difference between our personal Truths and 'The Truth'? Are there two 'Truths?'"

"What is the thing that you find most helpful on a daily basis?"

Reverend Jennifer Hadley is Co-Founder of Project: Service L.A. She is a Practitioner and Minister from Agape Int'l Spiritual Center, and producer of the "Living A Course In Miracles" teleseminar series. Learn more at Living-ACIM.com.

Discovering Spirituality

Angelique Bianca Interviews Chris Cade

Angelique Bianca "What did you study that brought you on a spiritual path?"

Angelique Bianca is a singer, writer, interview host, founder of The Healer's Way and The Angel Frequency. Learn more about her work at TheAngelFrequency.com

Creativity and Conscious Business

Adela Rubio Interviews Chris Cade

Adela Rubio "Can you speak to attention and how that process of imagination creates opportunity?"

"How can I start my business if I don't have a lot of money?"

Adela Rubio helps highly creative and conscious entrepreneurs build engaged online tribes through the power of partnership and community. Learn more at EnlightenedListBuilding.com.

Dealing With Great Adversity

Rich German Interviews Chris Cade

Rich German "Can you share with us a time in your life when you dealt with great adversity, either personally or professionally, and what you did to turn it around?"

Rich is a popular speaker, entrepreneur, and author of two books: "Monetize Your Passion" and Living the Law of Attraction." You can learn more about Rich at his website RichGerman.com

About Chris Cade: Chris Cade considers himself a voracious seeker of Truth. He is a second-degree black belt and martial arts Champion who has swum with wild dolphins and tested software to find the bugs. His journey – leaving a six-figure income and corporate life with Hitachi and Adobe for a spiritual one – has rewarded this visionary with a network of spirituality and personal development websites. A graduate of The Monroe Institute's Gateway Voyage program, and a student of the Diamond Approach, Chris is a spiritual teacher, lecturer, and grateful father.

Chris' work is community-supported. Click here to learn more and read a short message from him.

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