Unrealistic Expectations About Speed of Change

Chris Cade's Getting Things Changed Transformation Ecourse (Part 5 of 7)

Unrealistic Expectations About Speed of Change

Chris Crying As A Baby
You're not a baby anymore even though your subconscious still sometimes acts like one.

Everybody wants instantaneous results. It doesn't even have to be good results. Just fast!

Look at fast food. It's not good food. It's just fast food.

Most polls show that Wendy's makes the best fast food in the nation (compared to other fast food joints). But it certainly doesn't make the most money. Why? Because Wendy's sacrifices speed for quality.

McDonald's knew what they were doing. They don't make good food. If people want good food they go to a restaurant. They want fast food.

Likewise, as a baby, we wanted our needs tended to as quickly as possible. Sleep. Eat. Diaper change. Sleep. Eat. Diaper change. And if those needs were not met within seconds then we would often start crying.

Even as children start to get older it takes a while before they can perform any type of action that doesn't produce instantaneous results. Sure they learn how to drink out of a cup, but can they squeeze an orange fresh and then clean up after?

One of the things we love about children is that they live in the moment.

But it's also a limitation.

They can't grasp the concept that the present moment affects the future.

When my son Quan was four years old, I asked him "Why do you think it's raining?"

His response?

"Ummm... because there was a tsunami."

Try having a conversation with a little one about how the world works. It's entertaining but not very accurate. They just don't get cause-and-effect – especially when there is a time delay between the cause and the effect.

Children haven't had enough experience doing one thing continuously and having a specific result come from it eventually.

In fact, many adults haven't either.

A typical job involves people doing tasks that produce immediate results – flipping a hamburger, answer the phone or packing a box. Most employees aren't involved with the complex play of cause and effect that goes into running any business.

It's a big paradox for people in the personal transformation field. They want to change the direction of their lives -but- they also just want to be more present now.

I say, switch that "but" to an "and." Do both.

In fact, that's the only approach that works. You need to be fully present now while taking actions and thinking thoughts that will lead your life in the direction you want it to go in the future.

It's like the old Zen saying: The path is the goal.

Time does not exist. Quantum physics is proving what sages of every religion have taught for millenniums: Present, past, and future are dreams.

In truth we shouldn't even live -for- the present. The present is no more real than the past or future.

Just learn to live. Just to be. Then words, actions, thoughts... they just happen naturally (in the real sense of the word).

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