Chris Cade - Your Partner In Transformation

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Chris Cade: Voracious Seeker of Truth

"Either get a spiritual path or get a divorce lawyer." That's what Chris Cade's former wife told him in 2006. Hoping to save his marriage, Chris begrudgingly went to the "spirituality" section of the bookstore. He unexpectedly found himself on the rocky road of personal transformation... Read More About Chris»

Chris Cade's Blog

From healthy living to spiritual living... From pictures of his little boy to footage from his escapades with wild dolphins... Chris shares lessons learned from his life's wide experience. Check it out»

FREE: Getting Things Changed

Liberate yourself from procrastination and lack of follow-through. Chris Cade has created a FREE 7-part mini-course called "Getting Things Changed." See how people destroy their will power by only working towards their personal developments goals when "the spirit is willing." The first lesson also exposes an even cleverer act of self-sabotage your subconscious mind uses to make you think you're doing "extra" – when you're really just quitting. Subscribe for free»

FREE: Conspiracy of Distraction

The subtle ways in which the world stops us from pursuing our most important life goals are exposed in Conspiracy of Distraction. In this FREE 7-part mini-course Chris Cade reveals why we humans are "hooked on distraction" and how to break the addiction. Subscribe for free»

FREE: Subconscious Surgery

Whether you're healthy or sick, rich or poor, happy or miserable is largely determined by the health of your subconscious mind. Do you suspect that your subconscious mind may be suffering some ills? Then Chris Cade highly recommends you try some subconscious surgery. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt a bit. Step Into The Operating Room»

Scared child at nighttime

This 10-part e-course shows you why we humans suffer from fear, anxiety and doubt. The quicker you understand the cause of these troublesome emotions, the quicker you'll overcome them. There is no charge for this course. In the first lesson Chris Cade reveals why fear can occasionally be your friend, but anxiety never does you any good. Read Lesson One Now»

Hour glass

Finding time to improve one's life is many people's biggest challenge. In Chris Cade's 35-page time-management book, he shares 24.5 of his best strategies for adding hours to your week. Find Out More»

Scared child at nighttime

This audio combines brain entrainment, guided hypnosis and spiritual music. This unique mix puts your brain into a deep state of relaxation. This state allows you to make lasting changes to your subconscious thought patterns. Find Out More»

Liberate Your Life

Negative subconscious memories, stories and experiences are dictating your actions, your beliefs and your view of the world. Discover how to change them into positive mental patterns in this 24-week course. Chris' unique process replaces limiting thoughts with empowering stories. Check it out»

Super Affirmation Man

Increase the benefits of affirmations – without increasing the time – with this 36-page book by Chris Cade. Also, discover why certain types of affirmations may make your life worse. Find Out More»

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