Liberate Your Life Outline: Module 2

Liberate Your Life

Module 2: The Various Disguises of Your Inner Critic

We don't just have one Inner Critic voice. Most of us have five, ten or even fifteen. The more roles we play in our day-to-day life, the more variations of the Inner Critic we have that go along with them. This module helps us identify all the different versions of the Inner Critic which live in our head.

The exercises in this module get each Inner Critic identity to confess to how it controls and limits our lives. You'll be able to extract the truth from what it says, and then use that truth to silence (or at least ignore) its anxiety-driven rhetoric. In the end, you'll walk away from this module with a technique that allows you to make major changes in your life – unshackled by the fears of your Inner Critics.

Here's what Module Two reveals...

Liberate Your Life: Module 2 - The Various Disguises of Your Inner Critic

  • The "bird-dogging" parable which shows why it's impossible to try and become something we were not meant to be. (Page 4-5)
  • How the same catalyst can lead us to a life of pain and frustration or success and personal heroism. (Page 7)
  • One reason fixing our outer life doesn't usually work – even with the help of the world's best therapist. (Page 8)
  • How other people defined and shaped our character and personality. (Page 9)
  • Why being labeled with a good character trait limits the amount of happiness you can experience. (Page 10)
  • Why some people feel at peace all the time – even when things are not going well. (Page 10)
  • The "shrinking effect" our Inner Critic uses to stop us from making beneficial changes in our lives. (Page 11)
  • Why most people look for willpower in the wrong place – and where to look instead. (Page 12)
  • A 5-minute exercise that reveals the biggest conflict existing inside you – what you want to do and what you feel you should do. (Page 15)
  • How our childhood brain couldn't separate opinion from truth. (Page 17)
  • The #1 reason most people will deny they even have an Inner Critic. (Page 19)
  • How our Inner Critics can use friendly, positive mental statements to keep us confined in rigid ways of living. (Page 21)
  • A second exercise which reveals exactly which subconscious stories gave birth to each Inner Critic Character. (Page 24)
  • Why fighting against your Inner Critic helps in the short-term but doesn't provide a long-term solution. (Page 26)
  • The only way to permanently overcome our Inner Critic Characters. (Page 26)
  • How to adjust your Inner Critic Thermostat so that you can reach greater levels of achievement. (Page 28)
  • A third exercise that makes you very conscious of what your Inner Critic is exactly saying to you, when it is saying it, and how it makes you feel. (Page 30)
  • How to hear your Inner Critic without it controlling or hurting you. (Page 32)
  • How to extract useful truths from the manipulative words of your Inner Critic – without feeling judged by them. (Page 35)

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