Liberate Your Life Outline: Module 4

Liberate Your Life

Module 4: 4 Techniques That Transform The Fears Of Your Inner Critic Into Courage, Strength, and Love

Your Inner Critic relies on fear and anxiety to keep you from living a life of fulfillment. This modules contains four exercises that help us face our fears and anxieties and replace them with courage, love and strength.

Here's what Module Four reveals...

Liberate Your Life: Module 4 - 4 Techniques That Transform The Fears Of Your Inner Critic Into Courage, Strength, and Love

  • 3 common misconception about what it means to be a hero. (Page 3)
  • Why we cannot build or get courage – no matter how hard we try. (Page 3)
  • How our Inner Critic uses a childish hero concept to keep us small and within our comfort zones. (Page 4)
  • 5 examples of how we can express real courage in everyday life. (Page 5)
  • The difference between strength and courage. (Page 5)
  • Why most our troubles do not require courage to overcome them. (Page 5)
  • 2 ingredients that must combine in order to realize true courage in our lives. (Page 6)
  • 3 primal roots to all our modern fears. (Page 8)
  • A 5-step exercise that replaces fearful fantasies with an accurate and manageable viewpoint. (Pages 8-10)
  • A story which illustrates the single subconscious fear empowering all our conscious fears. (Page 11)
  • 2 ways to overcome a fear of making mistakes -- rather than let our Inner Critic punish us every time we slip. (Page 13)
  • A 2-question exercise that uses reckless optimism as a way to subdue unwarranted fears. (Page 14)
  • The only reason to take action and how to leverage this so we take action more often. (Page 15)
  • A 10-minute exercise that helps unearth your inert courage and fearlessness. (Pages 17-18)
  • What our anxiety is (falsely) trying to tell us. (Page 19)
  • 2 reasons why anxiety is such a difficult emotion to deal with. (Page 19)
  • Why anxiety should be a welcome emotion that can help us transform our lives for the better. (Page 20)
  • Why we fear criticism and 3 reasons why we should embrace it. (Page 26)
  • 3 simple ways to always be on the path to "something better." (Page 26)
  • An exercise which takes our subconscious mind to the breaking point where it reveals the hidden roots of our anxiety. (Page 28)
  • The complete three-word secret to overcoming anxiety. (Page 30)

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