Optimize Your Life

How to Free Up 5, 10 or even 15 Hours
of Productive Time Per Week

Chris Cade
Optimize Your Life by Chris Cade

"But I just don't have enough time to improve my life."

That's a plain out lie!

Am I calling you a liar? No way!

I'm calling your subconscious mind the liar.

Specifically, your "Inner Critic." That little voice in your head that loves to invent simple half-truths. Half-truths that stop you from moving forward.

Two Cunning Traps Of The Inner Critic

Your Inner Critic loves to tell you don't have time to spare. Whether's it's taking a self-improvement program, learning a new language, exercising, meditating or even just reading a good book. You don't have time!

When you try to make the effort your Inner Critic steps forward. Normally, it'll present one of two arguments. Both of them make a lot of sense. Both of them can instantly destroy your will to improve and succeed:

Excuse #1:
Basic Survival

Excuse #2:
The Finer Things In Life

Food And Survival

Your family needs food on the table, a roof over your head, clean clothes in the dresser, gas in the car, etc. Who has time for subconscious reprogramming?

Family TV

Now, if your fridge is full and the mortgage paid your Inner Critic likes to attack from the opposite direction: You need time to take it easy, watch TV, drink a few glasses of wine or beers... Before you know it you're going to be dead. (Especially with all that extra alcohol consumption).

There you have it. Between mortgage payments and "Dancing with the Stars..." there's just no time for making a better life for yourself.

Playing Poker With Your Inner Critic:
It Will Always Play The "Time Management Card"


A little secret... Everybody feels like they don't have enough time. Your Inner Critic LOVES playing the "time management" card.

  • "I really do need to meditate. But it's a time management issue. Maybe when the kids leave home..."
  • "I really need to exercise regularly. I just don't have the time between work and..."
  • "I really should spend 10 minutes a day working on Chris Cade's Liberate Your Life program. I just can't fit it into my busy schedule."

This is how your subconscious mind keeps you feeling small, uncomfortable and incapable.

What's Bill Gates Got That You Don't?

Bill Gates

Microsoft's chairman may have more money than you...

But Bill Gates doesn't have more time than you.

Anybody living on planet Earth has no more than 24 hours a day to get things done.

It's a level playing field when it comes to time.

Some people are born with more money, more skill, more health...

But when it comes to time in a day, God gave us equal share.

Tell that to your Inner Critic!

Racing Past Your inner Critic's Radar

Weather Radar
In order to get anything positive done with your life... you need to bypass your Inner Critic's radar.

Your Inner Critic is right... You need to sleep. You need to make money. You need to eat healthy food, You need time to relax. You do need to enjoy yourself.

That's why you need to use "stealth time management." Unleash life management strategies that your Inner Critic won't object to:

  • Better Sleep: What if you could sleep deeper? So that you don't need to sleep as much. Would your Inner Critic have a problem with that?

  • More Dinero: What if you improved your ability to make money? Then you could work less. Can you Inner Critic argue with that?

  • Yummy Food: What if you were able to get personal transformational actiivities plus eat nice home cooked meals? Would your Inner Critic object?

  • Deeper Enjoyment: What if you were able to find even more satisfaction doing self-improvement activities... rather than sitting in front of the TV? (Deep down, even your Inner Critic isn't happy watching TV for hours a day.)

The strategies presented in my audio program, Optimize Your Life: 24.5 Strategies to Free Up Time For Your Big Goals, get past your "Inner Critic's Radar." They don't involve sacrificing anything your Inner Critic deems too important.

Three Types of Productivity Boosters

I divided Optimize Your Time into three areas containing:

  • 13 Time Liberators: Stop doing certain tasks which drag down productivity. Save time by doing specific activities together. Get rid of actions that create friction and stress. Revealed in strategies #1 to 13.

  • 5 Critical Refinements to Your Grey Matter: Here I tackle "getting things done" indirectly. This section shows you how to change the way you think and act so that your mind works better. In today's info age, mind beats muscle. Knowledge is profit. Creativity is king. Focus is power. See strategies #14-18.

  • 6 Time Assets: This final section is more advanced. I share strategies where you invest time or money upfront to to free up YEARS of your life. Strategies #19-24.

And then Strategy #24.5 falls into a category all it's own. Read on to find out what my top tip for a life full of accomplishment is all about. Once you master 24.5 -- all the other strategies become easy and natural. All 24.5 strategies await you in Optimize Your Life.

Here's A Glimpse of All 24.5 Strategies...

If only you could eat productivity advice! The Optimize Your Life audio program would offer the most savoury menu. Delicious fine dining meets an all you-can-eat-buffet. Here's how each meaty strategy will please your hunger for checkmarks on your to-do list:

Chris working
Strategy #1 - Tech Time Savers

Get more done on the computer. Harness its underused automation tools. (Plus read how technology may be sucking up much of your time. Worst of all... you probably think that BlackBerry is making you more productive.) Pages 7-8.
Guy Finley

Strategy #2 - Running Errands With Guy Finley

How to fit in hours of life-changing study each week? I'll show you how I do it WITHOUT missing chores or engagements (page 8). Plus, find out how I take weekly road trips with Guy Finley (yes, THE Guy Finley).
Chris sleeping
Strategy #3 - Productive Sleeping

How to make use of those 8 hours you lose to sleep – each day! At the same time enjoy an even deeper rest than you know now (Pages 8-9).
You've got mail!
Strategy #4 – Fred Flintstone Can't Handle Your Inbox

Find out how prehistoric habits kick in when your email chimes. Pages 9-10 give my best tips to prevent your inbox from getting more than it's fair share of your time.

Strategy #5 – Save 15 Minutes a Month

How I groom my nails without taking up an extra second of my day (page 10). Plus, how to "arm" yourself against day-to-day events that can steal your life away.
Strategy #6 – Like a Cheetah on Steroids

A robot, a bookmark and a mouse. Find out how I use these three tools to soar the web at superhuman speed (page 11).
Strategy #7 – Stealth Interruptions

How to stop micro-interruptions that destroy your focus. They add up faster than the national debt (page 11)! Plus tips for setting boundaries with family and friends.
Strategy #8 – Less Friction, More Precision

How to get more done, with less mental friction, more precision and less conscious effort. A win-win-win-win! See pages 13-14.

Strategy #9 – Time Vampires

How most people have their time sucked out of their life by others. Liberating tips on page 14 and 15.
Pea Pod
Strategy #10 – More Rewards, Less Effort

Getting more out of life doesn't mean you have to put more into it. Sometimes you need to put what you got in the right place. This life changing principle was discovered in an Italian pea garden in 1906. See page 16 for the details.
Wooden Hourglass
Strategy #11 – Save 4-8 Hours a Week

Save time by avoiding a specific daily habit. This common pastime keeps you in a state of paralysing fear. Not to mention compulsive consumerism. Revealed on pages 16-17.
Old TV
Strategy #12 – The Ultimate Time Vacuum

Most people spend 31% of their free time watching TV. On pages 17-18 find out how I decreased my time in front of the tube by 33% without missing any of my favourite shows. (Plus, I confess a far more serious time-sucking addiction I suffered for many years.)
Strategy #13 – Ruthless Time Management

A very simple, yet very effective approach I use to put rigid limits on activities which gobble up hours of our week. Revealed on page 18-19.
Strategy #14 – Speed Up Your Brain

70% of your brain is made up one substance. Page 21 shows how to make sure your grey matter is always running on full.
Chris and his son sleeping
Strategy #15 – Productive Afternoons

How I take 20-60 minute naps each day. Specific instructions (page 22) on how to wake up energized (not groggy). Based on my 15-years of power napping experiencing.
Chris meditating
Strategy #16 – Design Your Day

On page 23-24 I explain how I schedule key activities – like meditation, playing with my son, reading or working – for times best suited for those activities.
Chris eating
Strategy #17 – Foods That Make You Faster

On pages 24-26 I outline the diet which keeps my body and mind most productive. Includes key foods I eliminated that made it feel like someone "turned the lights on."

Jumbo Strategy #18: Optimize Your Sleep

Chris as a baby

Most people sleep like a wolf guarding the entrance to the cave. That's how restless they are. This lack of quality sleep leads to days full of inefficiency, lethargy or even depression.

Wouldn't you rather sleep more like a turtle at the bottom of a frozen lake? Deep sleep means you can tackle life with the focus of a warrior. To-do items bow down with the echo of your approaching footsteps.

I used to have plenty of problems falling to sleep. Staying asleep was also an issue. It hurt my productivity big time. That's why I spend pages 26-29 giving several tips for deeper sleep:

  • Lights, Sound... Temperature: How to induce deep, restful sleep by making key changes to your sleeping chamber.

  • Sleeping with a Sheet Hogger: What to do when your partner uses more than their fair share of the sheets. Also how to comprise on mattress firmness.

  • Alarm Free Why I haven't needed an alarm clock for the last several years.

  • To Be Avoided: Technology, foods, and the kind of conversation that makes falling to sleep difficult.

Optimize Your Life

Strategy #19 – Corner Your Inner Critic! On pages 29-30 I show you how. Put your subconscious mind into a situation where it'll want to help you improve your life.

Strategy #20 -- Beyond Networking

Why you need to create a closed-knit group of like-minded people – if you ever want to become super-productive. Details on page 30.

Strategy #21 – Easiest & Most Advanced Tip

This time management strategy separates the men from the boys. Most people aren't able to do this right away. But it's definitely a goal to aim for. It can change the entire direction of your life. Mind-warping viewpoint revealed on page 31.

Strategy #22 – Become a Time Lord

This strategy creates quasi super-human focus. You'll feel like the King of Productivity. It can easily add 20 or 40 hours to your week. This is one of those obvious ideas that nobody considers. Why? Because only really successful people have the "nerve" to do it. And the world likes to keep you thinking you'll never reach success. Outwit the world! Page 31.

Strategy #23 – Time Management Junkies

A common trap is to spend way too much time learning how to become more productive. Find out how to avoid the bottomless pit of life-management info. See pages 31 and 33.

Strategy #24 – Productivity Supermen Love This Strategies

On page 33 I reveal my top two resources for speed reading and improving memory. The faster you can read, the faster you learn. The more you remember, the faster you grow.

Strategy #24.5
The World's Biggest Producitvity Booster Ever

George Hegel
George Hegel, the 18th century German philosopher, says: Nothing great has ever been created in the world without Strategy 24.5

This final strategy is in a class by itself.

It's the foundation to a life full of meaningful activities.

It makes staying focused on your goals super easy.

It can be summed in one word.

It's the secret behind the most successful people in the world. Not just the materially rich. But also the artistically endowed and the spiritually wealthy.

It allows work, pleasure and commitment to become one.

If you are able to live strategy 24.5... all the other strategies becomes effortless.


Time Is Money
Time is money. Let's say Optimize Your Life liberates only one hour a week. At $10 an hour that's $520 a year.

So Why Is This Program Only $7?

Each of the above strategies are at least worth a $1.

(Conservatively speaking).

Let's say Optimize Your Life adds just ONE HOUR to your week. Let's also assume you're making just $10/hour. Then you'd make an extra $520 over the next 12 months.

It can also create time for things money can't buy... Turning dark moods into golden mental habits. Playing ball with your kids. Mastering the violin. Seeking inner peace through meditation.

However you want to use these time management strategies, I think it's fair to say I could easily sell these 24.5 strategies for $24.50.

But I'm not going to.

I want to start our relationship by helping you make big differences in your life at very little cost (and absolutely no risk). When you experience how positively my work impacts your life, I'm confident that you'll want to try some of my other programs.

Optimize Your Life also comes with a lifetime 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Return it anytime before the day you die and get your money back.

At only $7, almost anybody can start listening today.

If you have any questions or concerns, then click here to contact me. I'd be happy to help.

Your Partner In Optimal Living,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

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