How to Find, Destroy & Replace:
Negative Subconscious Stories

They’re (Mis)guiding 80% of Your Life!

During this 6-week online course you’ll discover how to get rid of negative subconscious stories and experiences. Stop unwanted thoughts. Change your beliefs. Upgrade your view of the world.

Each week you’ll get a new module. Each module contains a combination of easy to understand teachings and simple exercises. These exercises destroy limiting thought patterns. They help fill your subconscious with positive stories. This process allows you to live from your innermost being.

Food, Sex & Emails

Three things were critical to the survival of primitive man: Food. Sex. And the ability to escape or kill predators. All three cause the brain to release dopamine. This hormone creates a sense of fleeting pleasure.

Today we aren’t looking out for tigers, deers or berries. TV, internet and social media are the modern triggers. Each new email that hits your inbox causes a release of dopamine. Yes, everything has its place. But this addiction to info-tidbits gets in the way of success. It keeps people from making big changes in their lives.

I have intentionally and systematically designed Liberate Your Life to help you overcome this addiction to dopamine. The program is delivered in 6 modules. Something new each week. Each module brings you one step closer to your goals.

Liberate Your Life, however, teaches that prehistoric DNA is only part of the obstacle you face…

Overcome Childhood Acceptance Tendencies

baby crying
Most of our childhood tendencies revolved around a dependence on other people. For example, food, shelter, and diaper changes.

People-pleasing habits are important. At least when you were four. After 12, however, they can be a major hindrance.

Yet, media, consumerism and schools encourage this attitude. They try to extend childish thinking way past puberty. Why? Because childish thinking creates needy consumers. It produces unquestioning citizens. It breeds willing employees.

Liberate Your Life helps you identify these tendencies. It shows you how to flip them around to create productive, positive, fulfilling thought patterns. Patterns that lead you to your true goals in life.

mountain climber
Most people’s subconscious mind has seen little change since childhood. And the subconscious mind guides 80% of our actions.
Changing Your Beliefs...
A Treacherous Path
On the Mountain of
Personal Development

Simply affirming new beliefs isn't enough. It's a good start. I use affirmations and I teach them. Affirmations can be very supportive. And when used alone, affirmations are a very slow way to change your life.

Liberate Your Life instead shows you how to get at the deep roots of unhelpful limiting beliefs. Namely, all the negatives stories, experiences and memories in your head.

80% of your actions and thoughts are dictated by stories. They may be stories you have personally experienced. They may be stories you have heard, seen or read. Stories make a deep impression on your subconscious.

The Liberate Your Life process helps you rewrite your subconscious. You become free to do what you already know you ought to do... and more importantly, what you WANT to do.

You'll learn how to get rid of the negative stories that stop you from making yourself happier. Simply put: you'll become more empowered.

Your Divided Mind: Silenced (Finally)

woman with bow and arrow
As a helpless child, our subconscious minds developed a "Divided Mind."

This Divided Mind tells your conscious mind things like: "Shut up and sit down. Or else you’re going to get hurt. People will ostracize you. You’ll feel alienated. You may be physically injured. You’ll certainly be mentally wounded. You might even starve. Your family will abandoned you."

The Divided Mind is a product of prehistoric man’s tribal mindset. It is also the helpless child’s view of the world. Two useless tendencies for today's adults...

Liberate Your Life shows you how to spot when your Divided Mind is sabotaging your life. The course then shows you how take the steering wheel back.

Start discovering what you really want. Forget what this childish caveman mentality thinks you need. You'll discover your real purpose. And you’ll be able to express that purpose outwardly.

Lady typing at computer
Small Weekly Battles… You Can Win

I have intentionally broken then Liberate Your Life program up into 6 online modules. Each week I'll send you an email with a link to begin your next module.

Each module will include a combination of lessons, stories, and exercises. They're easy to follow. Quick to do. And they're highly effective.

The exercises can be done on paper, computer, or even your mobile phone. You can also record yourself saying them out loud. You can visualize them in the "theater of your mind." You can use whatever medium you prefer. All that is important is that you do the exercises.

The minimum commitment is about 60 minutes per week. Of course, if you were to spend just 30 minutes a day you'd certainly make more progress.

You’ll Get Instant Access to Module #1

I'm going to ease you into the program. Still, module one may instantly free your mind from certain subconscious chains:

  • Mind Control: How your brain is imprinted with stories. These narratives control your every thought. They dictate your actions. 
  • Are You Bored? Why we rarely experience anything truly "new" in life. Most people live out the same old story until the grave.
  • Know Thy Enemy: The two types of subconscious stories. One you can change. The other you can’t. Knowing this difference makes ALL the difference.

Program Bonuses

As a thank you for joining, you’ll receive several bonus gifts to support you.

  • The "Liberate Your Day" Checklist: This 1-page printout offers daily reminders on exactly what is working in your life and areas you can improve. Simple yet powerful.
  • Self-Assessments: Before you begin the course, I'll invite you to answer a few short multiple-choice questions. It'll help you see exactly where you are in your life. Then after you complete Liberate Your Life, you'll receive a similar followup assessment. You'll be able to see exactly how far you've come in such a short time period.
  • Audio Download of All Modules: Along with each module is an audio download of the lessons and exercises. You can do the course in your car or while doing chores.
  • 2 Guided Meditation Audios: Throughout the course, there are times when extra support is needed. I'll introduce you to two meditations, then in my own voice, guide you through them.
  • Guided EFT Integration Audios: In module 3, I teach you a very special process for "reversing" any fearful stories we have about the past or future. To help you integrate that process, I've teamed up with EFT expert Brad Yates to create a tapping audio that will accelerate your results.

Outwit Your Subconscious

girl playing electric guitar
What's more satisfying than listening to your favorite song? PLAYING your favorite song on an instrument! That’s the feeling of self-discovery. The music comes from inside of you. That's the feeling you'll get from the 6 weeks you walk the Liberate Your Life path.

You’ll receive your first module instantly. Bonuses will be distributed throughout the program so that you can effectively use them. No overwhelm. Just what you need, when you need it.

Just complete each weekly module. You’ll notice that your Divided Mind has less power over you. You’ll stop living with past limiting experiences. Things you thought you couldn’t do or be will begin to seem possible. They'll even seem probable.

You have most likely been exposed to many teachers, books and programs. Many of which you have not completed. Why? Because you were outwitted by your own subconscious tendencies! They sent you chasing something new.

Why not stick with what you already know would change your life?

I look forward to guiding you over the next 6 weeks. Click the button below to get started.

Here's What People Are Saying About LYL

"Your program helped me to discover how truly amazing I am."

I must confess that I am a self-help junkie. I have read hundreds of books, listened to endless tapes and signed up to many online courses, not to mention the few conferences I have attended. But in always trying to be 'more' and 'better,' I became my worst enemy - the true embodiment of my own Divided Mind!

Your program made me realize how little credit I had given myself for my accomplishments and helped me to discover how truly amazing I am. I wake up looking forward to a new day and everything I do has a new meaning to me. I am finally working on a writing project I have been procrastinating for over two years and enjoying every minute of it.

Myrna Cleghorn


"I am experiencing a renewed freedom."

Your course almost immediately begins to make shifts physically and internally.

I am experiencing a renewed freedom, and remembering things I know and somehow felt far away from for a while. With gratitude for your honest work, and for making it available to us. Looking forward to more!


San Francisco, California, USA

"...a real eye opener..."

Liberate Your Life is an enlightening program that Chris guides you through. Most beneficial to me was the understanding brought forth in discovering the how and why of one's 'Divided Mind'. That was a real eye opener. The entire program is so worth your while that I can recommend it with no reservations.

Alan Hecko

Texas, USA

"Life as I know it has already begun changing for the best!"

I just finished my first lesson in the Liberate Your Life program. Brilliantly expressed material. So very compelling. Life as I know it has already begun changing for the best!

Mary Cate O'Malley

San Diego, California, USA

"I can already see the shift..."

I did the exercises in lesson one quickly and easily. I can already see the shift in my thinking.

Susan Mazzanti

Texas, USA

"...a no-nonsense straight forward program..."

I just started your course and while I was a bit skeptical at first. I am now convinced this is a no-nonsense straight forward program that if followed properly can be a great benefit to most people.

John Avery

San Diego, California, USA

"...peace of mind..."

I have found Liberate Your Life of help in my quest for simple peace in my head and therefore my life. The concept of the Divided Mind, for me, could be the break-through I am looking for in that I feel it is the greatest of all hindrances to peace of mind.

Anne Flynn

"I'm becoming aware of how much joy life has to offer."

I have allowed myself to break many of the repetitive patterns I have lived with for years. I am stronger in my commitment to who I am and have let go of relationships that have kept me held back for many years.

Facing the truth is hard sometimes, but I have finally been able to face some of the difficult ones and am moving forward with great speed. I'm becoming aware of how much joy life has to offer.


"Your program was such a breakthrough for me."

To be frank, I felt like I was falling apart at the seams. I'm a single parent, a teacher at a very challenging school, and I have started my own all natural bath and body company. By the time school ended this year, I was completely burned out.

I tried it all, and then blamed myself for not getting the desired outcome. The disciplines you've set forth in the program, meditation, setting timers for meditation time, recognizing your Divided Mind have been invaluable in helping me to fill my cup back up.

Your program was such a breakthrough for me.

Adrienne W


"I'm much less frozen!"

I've heard the phrase "feel the fear and do it anyway." This was difficult for me as I have mild PTSD (after a head injury and surviving a number of sexual assaults), and I had a tendency to just Freeze at a certain point. The fear would get overwhelming. My family/friends were worried.

Now I'm able to keep myself from becoming self critical about my love life and my body by telling myself to "back off" when fear comes up. I'm much less frozen!

Larissa Simpson

"I stood up to my demanding boss and ended up getting transferred..."

In the desire to please a demanding boss, I allowed work to crowd out virtually everything else in my life. Any time my performance slipped, I would beat myself up for failing and not being "perfect".

I no longer feel the same levels of fear, frustration, and worry. I stood up to my demanding boss and ended up getting transferred to a different, better, more understanding boss. I remind myself that I am safe whenever I start to be afraid.

I feel more empowered.

Name Withheld By Request

"...even my psychologist didn't think I would make it..."

I couldn't cope with the multitude of chaotic scenarios then present in my life - missing son, work, threatened by neighbors, people wanting more than I could give, a mother invalidating my worth, health-series of cancer tests which got me the psychologist. … life was becoming one big frustration.

LYL reawakened the goodness I truthfully possess by refocusing on all the good things in my life which took place... even in moments of darkness!!!

I love life... I am no longer anxious being around/with people! I forgave my mother and told her she was no longer allowed to bully me simply because I loved her I would no longer accept it. My sister apologised..another bully dynamic I also wanted peace with.

I am grateful I found LYL and you (or maybe it found me) as even my psychologist didn't think I would make it.

Name Withheld By Request

"I was able to view the events with new eyes and an open heart."

Prior to the program, I ended a long term relationship. My next relationship, many years later was a mirror to the earlier relationship. I had placed so much of the old story on this new relationship that it ended before it could ever begin.

I found using the Story Reversal Process very powerful. I was able to view the events with new eyes and an open heart.


"I am completely without depression and anxiety."

I was in a really bad depression and anxiety disorder. I was worrying about everything, night and day. I often could hardly function. I was miserable.

For the first time in years, I am completely without depression and anxiety.


"I quit smoking [...] after 52 years..."

I have lived with a lifetime of guilt for something I had no control over.

I am now free of the frustrations and worries that I had before and I am confident that my life's journey is complete as a result of seeking out truths such as the ones that I have found in Liberate your Life.

I did manage to quit smoking 5 years ago after 52 years of smoking. This was a huge step for me and I have never felt so free. Perhaps it is the result of solving many of my life's problems and finding peace and love.

Name Withheld By Request

"I have a special guy in my life who encourages me to go forward."

I dragged myself out of bed at 3 in the morning to get ready for work, spent my entire 8 hr shift every day on the phone with customers who were often impatient and said uncomplimentary things, came home exhausted, and flopped into a chair where I promptly dozed off and got nothing done around the house. I had little social life. I was lonely.

My fear, frustration, and worry are less than before. When others throw "cold water" on my ideas, I just let it go by and do not let it discourage me. I am more patient on my job and try to learn what I can. I let the rest go. And I have a special guy in my life who encourages me to go forward.


" life is starting to make more sense."

Before LYL I was overwhelmed by my life. I developed a general distrust of people & found it hard to see the positive in situations. It was affecting my health but I felt helpless to do anything about it. I was starting to get angry for no apparent reason & would have days where I just couldn't be bothered about anything.

I can truly say, hand on heart, that it has changed my life. I cannot believe such a short course has had a profound effect like this. It's early days yet but I have certainly had a few 'lightbulb' moments & my life (and the world around me) is starting to make more sense.

Darren Ferris


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