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"Your program helped me to discover how truly amazing I am."

I must confess that I am a self-help junkie. I have read hundreds of books, listened to endless tapes and signed up to many online courses, not to mention the few conferences I have attended. But in always trying to be 'more' and 'better,' I became my worst enemy - the true embodiment of my own Inner Critic!

Your program made me realize how little credit I had given myself for my accomplishments and helped me to discover how truly amazing I am. I wake up looking forward to a new day and everything I do has a new meaning to me. I am finally working on a writing project I have been procrastinating for over two years and enjoying every minute of it.

Myrna Cleghorn


"I am experiencing a renewed freedom."

Your course almost immediately begins to make shifts physically and internally.

I am experiencing a renewed freedom, and remembering things I know and somehow felt far away from for a while. With gratitude for your honest work, and for making it available to us. Looking forward to more!


San Francisco, California, USA

"...a real eye opener..."

Liberate Your Life is an enlightening program that Chris guides you through. Most beneficial to me was the understanding brought forth in discovering the how and why of one's 'inner critic'. That was a real eye opener. The entire program is so worth your while that I can recommend it with no reservations.

Alan Hecko

Texas, USA

"Life as I know it has already begun changing for the best!"

I just finished my first lesson in the Liberate Your Life program. Brilliantly expressed material. So very compelling. Life as I know it has already begun changing for the best!

Mary Cate O'Malley

San Diego, California, USA

"I can already see the shift..."

I did the exercises in lesson one quickly and easily. I can already see the shift in my thinking.

Susan Mazzanti

Texas, USA

"...a no-nonsense straight forward program..."

I just started your course and while I was a bit skeptical at first. I am now convinced this is a no-nonsense straight forward program that if followed properly can be a great benefit to most people.

John Avery

San Diego, California, USA

"...peace of mind..."

I have found Liberate Your Life of help in my quest for simple peace in my head and therefore my life. The concept of the Inner Critic, for me, could be the break-through I am looking for in that I feel it is the greatest of all hindrances to peace of mind.

Anne Flynn

"I'm becoming aware of how much joy life has to offer."

I have allowed myself to break many of the repetitive patterns I have lived with for years. I am stronger in my commitment to who I am and have let go of relationships that have kept me held back for many years.

Facing the truth is hard sometimes, but I have finally been able to face some of the difficult ones and am moving forward with great speed. I'm becoming aware of how much joy life has to offer.


"Your program was such a breakthrough for me."

To be frank, I felt like I was falling apart at the seams. I'm a single parent, a teacher at a very challenging school, and I have started my own all natural bath and body company. By the time school ended this year, I was completely burned out.

I tried it all, and then blamed myself for not getting the desired outcome. The disciplines you've set forth in the program, meditation, setting timers for meditation time, recognizing your Inner Critic have been invaluable in helping me to fill my cup back up.

Your program was such a breakthrough for me.

Adrienne W


"I'm much less frozen!"

I've heard the phrase "feel the fear and do it anyway." This was difficult for me as I have mild PTSD (after a head injury and surviving a number of sexual assaults), and I had a tendency to just Freeze at a certain point. The fear would get overwhelming. My family/friends were worried.

Now I'm able to keep myself from becoming self critical about my love life and my body by telling myself to "back off" when fear comes up. I'm much less frozen!

Larissa Simpson

"I stood up to my demanding boss and ended up getting transferred..."

In the desire to please a demanding boss, I allowed work to crowd out virtually everything else in my life. Any time my performance slipped, I would beat myself up for failing and not being "perfect".

I no longer feel the same levels of fear, frustration, and worry. I stood up to my demanding boss and ended up getting transferred to a different, better, more understanding boss. I remind myself that I am safe whenever I start to be afraid.

I feel more empowered.


"...even my psychologist didn't think I would make it..."

I couldn't cope with the multitude of chaotic scenarios then present in my life - missing son, work, threatened by neighbors, people wanting more than I could give, a mother invalidating my worth, health-series of cancer tests which got me the psychologist. … life was becoming one big frustration.

LYL reawakened the goodness I truthfully possess by refocusing on all the good things in my life which took place... even in moments of darkness!!!

I love life... I am no longer anxious being around/with people! I forgave my mother and told her she was no longer allowed to bully me simply because I loved her I would no longer accept it. My sister apologised..another bully dynamic I also wanted peace with.

I am grateful I found LYL and you (or maybe it found me) as even my psychologist didn't think I would make it.


"I was able to view the events with new eyes and an open heart."

Prior to the program, I ended a long term relationship. My next relationship, many years later was a mirror to the earlier relationship. I had placed so much of the old story on this new relationship that it ended before it could ever begin.

I found using the Story Reversal Process very powerful. I was able to view the events with new eyes and an open heart.


"I am completely without depression and anxiety."

I was in a really bad depression and anxiety disorder. I was worrying about everything, night and day. I often could hardly function. I was miserable.

For the first time in years, I am completely without depression and anxiety.


"I quit smoking [...] after 52 years..."

I have lived with a lifetime of guilt for something I had no control over.

I am now free of the frustrations and worries that I had before and I am confident that my life's journey is complete as a result of seeking out truths such as the ones that I have found in Liberate your Life.

I did manage to quit smoking 5 years ago after 52 years of smoking. This was a huge step for me and I have never felt so free. Perhaps it is the result of solving many of my life's problems and finding peace and love.


"I have a special guy in my life who encourages me to go forward."

I dragged myself out of bed at 3 in the morning to get ready for work, spent my entire 8 hr shift every day on the phone with customers who were often impatient and said uncomplimentary things, came home exhausted, and flopped into a chair where I promptly dozed off and got nothing done around the house. I had little social life. I was lonely.

My fear, frustration, and worry are less than before. When others throw "cold water" on my ideas, I just let it go by and do not let it discourage me. I am more patient on my job and try to learn what I can. I let the rest go. And I have a special guy in my life who encourages me to go forward.


"...my life is starting to make more sense."

Before LYL I was overwhelmed by my life. I developed a general distrust of people & found it hard to see the positive in situations. It was affecting my health but I felt helpless to do anything about it. I was starting to get angry for no apparent reason & would have days where I just couldn't be bothered about anything.

I can truly say, hand on heart, that it has changed my life. I cannot believe such a short course has had a profound effect like this. It's early days yet but I have certainly had a few 'lightbulb' moments & my life (and the world around me) is starting to make more sense.

Darren Ferris


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