How Anxiety Is Different (And Worse) Than Fear
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How Anxiety Is Different (And Worse) Than Fear

Most people don't know the difference between anxiety and fear.

That's really too bad. Because once you understand what anxiety is, you're halfway to conquering it. Know thy enemy!

There are three factors that uniquely define anxiety (and make it different than fear):

1) Long-Lasting: Anxiety is apprehension about something the lingers for days, weeks, months or even years. It's always with you. The "tiger" doesn't run off into the woods... it stalks you patiently. It never pounces, but you can hear it growling.

2) Vague: Your anxiety is never about something specific. When someone asks you what's wrong you say, "Everything!" You may be anxious about your health, your children, your job, your money. You're afraid of metaphorical tigers in general – not a specific tiger.

3) Paralyzing: Anxiety stops you from doing anything significant to relieve your anxiety. You're either too scared to face the negative results you think are coming, or you doubt that you can do anything about it. Instead of doing whatever you can, you find yourself sitting in front of the television with a bowl of ice cream. You feel your situation is inescapable.

As you can see, anxiety is very different than old fashioned fear.

Fear has a very constructive side to it (e.g. don't play with rattlesnakes).

Anxiety, however, doesn't lead to any positive actions. If anything, it discourages you from taking actions that would eliminate your fears. (Maybe because if you did take action, you'd be accepting the reality of your situation.)

Genetically speaking, however, we weren't really built for anxiety. In the next part of this course I'll explain why our ancient ancestors didn't suffer as much anxiety as we do today. Click here to signup for the free course and receive instant access to part 2.

About Chris Cade: Chris Cade considers himself a voracious seeker of Truth. He is a second-degree black belt and martial arts Champion who has swum with wild dolphins and tested software to find the bugs. His journey – leaving a six-figure income and corporate life with Hitachi and Adobe for a spiritual one – has rewarded this visionary with a network of spirituality and personal development websites. A graduate of The Monroe Institute's Gateway Voyage program, and a student of the Diamond Approach, Chris is a spiritual teacher, lecturer, and grateful father. Read what others are saying about Chris.

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