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Raising Your Vibration With A Free Holistic Fitness Quiz

Written by Chris Cade on . Posted in Healthy Living

  Holistic Fitness Checklist

Quick update on the holistic fitness information I’ve been sharing with you from Matt Clarkson and his partner Kevin Schoeninger. They’ve created a quick multiple-choice quiz that helps you look candidly at exactly where you are in the spectrum of raising your vibration.

We all know that physical health is vital for a high vibration that attracts what you truly desire. This quiz shows you exactly which areas of your ‘Holistic Fitness’ are on track, and how to easily improve in the other areas.

Click Here Now And Take The Quiz

And if you’re an entrepreneur like me, chances are your fitness is not where it needs to be. Quite frankly, I’ve spent a lot more focus and energy on my spiritual fitness (I aced that part of the quiz!) than I have on my physical.

That said, I hope that me living here in California… 3 blocks from the beach… will help me get my physical fitness up again. Check out the quiz and see where you stand! At the very least, it’ll give you a friendly reminder how to stay on track or return back to what your heart knows it wants.

The results are also helpful since it gives a different perspective on “fitness” that takes into account who we are holistically, and spritual beings, and not just our bodies.

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