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If You Don’t Have _____, You Don’t Have Anything

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There's a lot of ways that people fill in that blank. Some words that may come to mind are:


One might even go so far as to say if you don't have ALL of those things, you're living a life "half" lived.

The thing is, while all of those are necessary to life a deeply fulfilling life… one that is abundant in every way, that's not what I want to share about today.

"Fulfillment comes from being in a state of living your passion." – Jack Canfield

See, there's one thing – that if you don't have it– all of your efforts in EVERY one of those areas will fall short.

What is that thing?


No, I'm not talking about what most people refer to as integrity.

Integrity is not about whether or not other people in the world think you are acting with kindness or that they think they can trust you.

Integrity means to be integrated. It means that the aspects of yourself, within yourself, are working together as a whole regardless of who may or may not be watching.

In this way, integrity gives us a new light on the above topics.

If a person has love towards others but not herself, she lacks integrity. The same is true for a person who loves himself but can't love others.

A person who has passions and dreams, but lets them sit idle because her Inner Critic says "other things are more important" lacks integrity.

People worldwide know the real and lasting benefits of good health, yet choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle. That lacks integrity.

Anytime we think one thing and do another, anytime we believe one thing and say another, we lack integrity.

Now to be clear, I'm not judging anybody.

In fact, I'm saying exactly the opposite. See, we ALL lack this kind integrity in some way (and often many ways).

A lack of integrity reminds us of our humanity, it reminds us we have more growth to experience. If you were fully integrated (in integrity), I highly doubt you'd ever read my writing again. Similarly, if I were fully integrated, then I'd never go to another spiritual workshop or buy another personal development product again.

So you and I are in the same kind of boat, even if our boats are a little different size, shape, and float in different waters. 🙂

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