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Ask Chris #8: The Devil’s Plan For Destruction

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DestructionAfter sharing the story “The Devil’s Plan for Destruction” by Guy Finley (one of my favorite authors!), I received an interesting response.

Usually I don’t respond to questions around coaching and clarification (that’s what the “Ask Chris” feature is for on my website), but because this person is a Liberate Your Life program participant I decided to make an exception.

After exchanging a few emails with this person, I realized that more people would benefit from what I shared. So… in today’s “Ask Chris” I’ve decided to share that email exchange with you. First though, is this story from Guy Finley that was the catalyst for the conversation…

“The Devil’s Plan For Destruction”
– by Guy Finley

The chief devil calls together every possible evil entity that is in range of his magnetic voice and says, “How can we interfere up there in the world that dwells between ours and the Light we despise? What can we do to further deceive human beings? We must keep them living in the dark, unaware of the Light that wants to release them from our influence. I want something so evil, so sinister, that no one will know what happened. Who’s got a good idea?”

That instant the flames of all the little imps gathered there in the smoldering dark go dim; they’re afraid of their leader, who will fry them for failing. A day later, as planned, they all return with a few ideas, although nothing spectacular. Then, out of nowhere, one tiny imp hops on the shoulder of the chief devil and whispers something in his ear. A second later, and *kaboom* flames shoot out of every pore of the chief devil as he shouts, “Ah! I have the plan in hand!”

He looks around at all of his lieutenants, each of whom is assigned to certain individuals on Earth, and gleefully instructs them: “I want you to go up there and slowly spread among the sleeping masses the idea of ‘tolerance.’ Do whatever it takes to succeed. Convince them that this idea is their own, and that they should start teaching that learning to tolerate each other is the same as loving one another. Oh yes! This is my best deception yet! It’s a real killer!”

To which this Liberate Your Life program participant writes to me…

“I am not too sure that I grasped the meaning of the story, but to quote Sir William Shakespeare: “There is no darkness, but ignorance.”

Here’s what I wrote back…

The meaning is within the word “tolerance.”

Most people PRETEND to like (or love) others, when really they’re just “putting up with” a person because they feel they have to.

This creates a split in the heart ~ people feeling negatively towards a person, yet acting nicely. Tolerance lacks integrity because it pretends to express kindness when kindness is not actually felt.

In other words, tolerance is a form of subconscious (and sometimes conscious) hypocrisy.

And then here’s what that person wrote back to me…

“I agree with your argument about “tolerance” being a form of subconscious hypocrisy, but there again, in my experience at least, it is often the most practical or pragmatic mode of behavior… especially with people that we do not particularly like or care for… to avoid confrontations and conflicts from arising. In other words, “live and let live.”

And here was my final reply:

In childhood, “tolerance” was necessary for survival. As adults, we perceive it as necessary because we’re unwilling to engage in confrontations or conflicts that would disrupt our life significantly.

In other words, we continue to be hypocrites because the discomfort of conflict and disruption is greater than the inner drive to align our conscious and subconscious minds with our actions.

For some people integrity in all aspects of life becomes more important than comfort… and when that happens, it’s both scary and incredibly transformative.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this most recent edition of “Ask Chris.” If you have a question you’d like me to consider answering, click here to write it on my website or send me a private email.

I usually won’t reply personally, but if your question is something that more people would benefit from then I may publish it and my answer in a future edition of “Ask Chris.”

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