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(Video) Spiritual Affirmations For A Better Life

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This motivational video exemplifies the qualities and experiences I wish to embody to enable me to continue being of service to you each and every day, in ever increasingly beneficial ways.

People who have watched the video have commented about how that video is DEFINITELY “me.” They recognize that its beauty is in the simplicity, and that it really does capture the essence of the person I am, and am continuing to become.

You may even find that it feels a lot like YOUR ideal movie… or the qualities you wish to continue developing more deeply. That’s because deep down, we’re all on a similar path to discover our True nature and live an amazing life full of abundance, empowerment, fulfilling relationships, mystery and wonder, and ultimately the life of our dreams.

Please take a few minutes today to watch this video ~ it’s from my heart and gives you insight into who I am and what I’m bringing to the world.

And of course if you like it, please comment and also share it via Facebook, Twitter, or forwarding it to your friends through email!

Note: I made this video in just 15 minutes with the Mind Movies software from – which makes it extremely easy for anybody to make their own inspirational videos by just pointing and clicking (no experience or technical knowledge required).

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